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Corporates are giving government a piece of their mind

2019-06-21  Carlos Kambaekwa

Corporates are giving government a piece of their mind

Government’s decision to cheese off a significant chunk from the allocated annual grant towards schools sport is hard to ignore, so to speak.

There’s an old saying that “Pikininis” must first crawl and then walk before they start running, Now, tell me if the portfolio ministry sees it fit to curtail the growth of would-be athletes, how are we going to unearth athletes of note to represent the country internationally? I’m just wondering.

Fair enough, it’s a now well-documented secret that the country is experiencing massive financial challenges ahead but once the future of our children is hamstrung by poor planning – then we can rest assured our children are destined to become a delicacy for stray dogs because sport has always been on the bottom of government’s list of priorities.

Given the current quagmire in which the National Schools Sport Union (NSSU) finds itself entangled, it’s now incumbent upon all stakeholders to throw their weight behind our school-going children if we are to save their athletic careers.

Corporate companies, parents and all stakeholders should roll up their sleeves and pump money into schools sport – surely those controlling the purse strings of our economy cannot just remain arms folded and expect government to foot the bill. 

Needless to mention that those controlling the economy but yours truly is fully aware that some of these institutions are hell-bent on seeing government’s efforts fail with the usual phrase: “We told you that you guys are incapable of governing.”

Before Namibia gained democracy in 1990, schools sport flourished unhindered without much financial support from authorities because parents and private companies were always keen to lend a helping hand. So, what’s the difference nowadays that they cannot meet government halfway?.

These very same corporate entities are always quick out of the blocks to open their purse whenever private schools host august gatherings, but are nowhere to be found when it comes to government projects, forgetting that real consumers sustaining their togetherness through purchasing their products are the very same people they wish to see suffering. 

Lest we forget, don’t bite the hand that feeds you as you might end up without those that sustain your being. The masses are capable of staging a consumer boycott of companies that are reluctant to come to the show and join hands to assist government’s efforts to eradicate poverty – ultimately levelling the playing field.

Warriors have what it takes to silence the doubting Thomasses
Let me take this opportunity to wish our national football team, the Brave Warriors, all the best ahead of their opening match in the Total CAF Nations Cup against Morocco on Sunday. 

The Warriors are faced with a Mount Kilimanjaro to scale but given the team’s preparations – yours truly is confident our boys are well past the days of whipping boys.

This will be our third assault on the continental showpiece where we are yet to register victory in the group stages, though we came very close in manufacturing victories against Angola and Guinea in our previous attempts in Burkina Faso and Ghana, respectively.

Truth be told, we were a bit complacent in our opening match against South Africa in 1998, having come off a good run against Bafana Bafana in the Cosafa Cup. Those back-to-back wins against our neighbours gifted us a false sense of hope and found ourselves caught with pants down.

In Ghana, we just did not have a decent team as opposed to the class of ‘98 and the current team but managed to put up a good fight against hosts Ghana in their own backyard in front of their supporters.
As it stands, we have a very well-balanced squad that has been together for a considerable period and I’m damn sure we will compete and won’t be surprised if we get out of the group stage unscathed. Whoever thought Namibia would qualify ahead of Zambia and Mozambique in the Afcon qualifiers? I rest my 


2019-06-21  Carlos Kambaekwa

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