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Deputy land director involved in land dispute

2019-05-07  Aron Mushaukwa

Deputy land director involved in land dispute
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KATIMA MULILO - The Deputy Director of Land Reform in Zambezi Region, Charles Musiyalike, is at the centre of a land dispute at Mumona and Nechakala cattle posts in Lusese area. 

The simmering land dispute involves about three families and one of the family members involved, Morgan Saisai, has voiced his dissatisfaction.

According to Saisai, the land in question belongs to his family and he borders with another family but not the Musiyalike family. “They have illegally set up their cattle post about 200-300 metres in the western side of my cattle post,” said Saisai.
He added that they have thus far opened a case of land grabbing and occupation of land without following relevant procedures. He also questioned how the Musiyalike family are breaking the law at will, alleging that they are using their positions for self-gratification.

“In our village, we have old land applications, but not even one person got a certificate of approval. Now we are of the opinion that Musiyalike is the one blocking us, because they have interests in our land,” he said.
Approached for comment, Musiyalike stated that the land under question is under dispute, and the Masubia Traditional Authority is yet to pronounce itself on the issue. 

“The case is before the traditional court and judgement will be given on the 13th of June, he should just wait. It is therefore premature to talk on something which is still before the court. Until the traditional court pronounce itself, it cannot be said that I have grabbed land, our family has been there for a while. In fact, he is the one who is there illegally,” he said.

Musiyalike also denied allegations that he has been sitting of the land applications of the Saisai family, and that he is using his office for self-gratification. “I am not the one who issues land certificates. If we were to talk about normal land application, the process starts at the traditional khuta where a consent letter is given, only then can our office go and issue a land certificate,” he explained and further dismissed the allegations made by Saisai.

2019-05-07  Aron Mushaukwa

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