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Diaz Fishing donates rugby playing gear to Diaz PS

2018-11-26  Tuulikki Abraham

Diaz Fishing donates rugby playing gear to Diaz PS

LÜDERITZ – Diaz Fishing Company confirmed its commitment towards the well-being of the Lüderitz community when the company sponsored new rugby gear to the Diaz Primary School in Lüderitz on Friday. 

Diaz Fishing’s representative Hilde Martin handed the donation to Diaz Primary School rugby coach Leandri Murtz in the presence of the school principal Bentos //Garoeb, worth N$16 000 and which includes balls, cones and tackle bags.
Martin urged the team to make good care of their new playing gear. “Take care of what you received from Diaz Fishing Company, which will always have the town of Lüderitz at heart,” she emphasised.

A delighted Neil Andrews, the man who played a pivotal role in making the deal a reality, applauded the company, saying that when they approached Diaz Fishing Company, the company was more than happy to help despite the prevailing tough economic times.

Andrews said due to a lack of finance, Diaz Primary School has not been able to purchase new playing gear since 1992 and still used whatever was left of that same old gear.

“It’s because we strongly believe keeping the kids occupied with sport will install great discipline and determination to assist them as they grow older in life. It’s our belief that  sponsorship of new equipment will enable coaches to further develop the athletic ability and talent of the young boys and girls,” stressed Andrews.

The school’s head boy Munterry Nangula, also a noted rugby player, could not hold his joy and applauded the sponsor for their generous contribution, adding that such undertakings are  fundamental to subsequent successful educational experience. 

“Nonetheless, sport is not possible without proper equipment whilst … equipment is not possible without sponsorship,” charged Munterry. 

2018-11-26  Tuulikki Abraham

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