• June 5th, 2020

Distress Fashion Design

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – Owned by one of the best creative designers in the country, Distress Fashion Design is still making waves in the Namibian fashion industry. 

Aina Shipanga who is popularly known as Divine founded Distress Fashion Design (an industrial company) with unique smashing clothing designs of distressed shirts and denim.

Born in Onyaanya in the northern part of the country, Devine said the unique taste of fashion in her was inherited from her mother, a woman whose heritage is rooted in the textile industry. 

Devine started designing her own clothes at a tender age not knowing she was going to be a trendsetter in future.

“I started designing at a very tender age, working on clothes that my family bought me. The major drawback was acceptance from parents in alteration of clothes.”

“My passion for art started some time ago, I have always been creative and always loved to play around with fabrics, ever since I was young, from the age of 10, I was always redesigning my clothes, and my mom would always complain about my habit of ripping my jeans and shirts, it was so simple to me until it became a habit,” said the Bachelor of Arts graduate who said if one is creative and talented, they can go beyond what the education system is offering.

She said before she realised she could turn her passion into a business, she would always wear her designs on campus which would regularly get compliments by her peers.
It’s because of positive comments from onlookers that Devine decided to turn her passion for art and love of unique clothing design into a brand.

“ In 2016, I started my brand, and I started off by selling t-shirts, which I sold at a cheaper price, I started selling them out in the streets, would stand in town, and it was all because of my passion, the fact that people loved it was a bonus. I enjoyed the satisfaction from my clients, so I decided to let me do this,” said the bubbly Devine.

According to her, Distress Fashion Design is a unicorn and exclusive brand in Namibia, which strives for change in the fashion scenery that’s trendy.

Devine’s first collection was the 4dice collection, which was recognized by many and her second collection is the White Party collection which is the latest.

Distress Fashion Design caters for various garment designs that range from t-shirts, shirts, shorts, jeans, and caps to mention but a few and it targets a larger market that ranges from young, fashion-savvy youth and the older.

With three years of existence, Distress fashion has expanded their product lines, participated and showcased designs at Unam Exhibition Day and was later recommended to participate in the Katutura Fashion Week this year.

She said in the next few years, the brand awareness should have increased and would be known nationally.

“Let’s keep our fingers crossed since the brand recognition and awareness is growing. In production currently, I’m working to meet the needs of our fashion-savvy target market. In order to achieve that, there will be a need in bringing on board some talented young unemployed fellow graduates in the arts field,” she stated.

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