• February 26th, 2020

DJ Castro dominates BOB Party

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Otjiwarongo-based DJ Castro aka The Whistle DJ knows how to pull off a stellar performance and he didn’t disappoint one bit at the BOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Party hosted by the KFC DJs which took place at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre on Saturday. 

Nothing held him back as he ran into the crowd, dancing, jumping up and down. He kept the crowding dancing by mostly playing house music. 

Slated for 12h00, the event picked up tempo and pace around 19h00. With a lineup of more than 20 acts, Namibian artistes thrilled concertgoers with old Namibian local songs. KK took the crowd way back and performed We Go Hard with Oomph. That song would have had more impact if Desmond who initially collaborated on the song was also there to perform. KK didn’t hesitate to take the crowd where he comes from which is Gibeon with his popular song Khaima. Other acts of the evening that stood out were Samuele who was popularly known as Qondja but rebranded. In-between his performances, Samuele had a lot to say about the industry, “We need to celebrate Namibian music. Times are different now, we have the nyuku (money) not like way back in the days,” he said. “Most Namibian artistes have awards but I don’t,” he reminded the crowd. 

Samuele further pleaded to corporate guys that have money to do something, “Let us support, and invest in Namibian music. I know there are guys in the corporate, kom man ouens (come on guys), let’s support local music,” he reiterated, before performing his still well known and old song, Koek en Jam. Another memorable moment that took the crowd to the good old days was the performance done by Sunday Shipushu aka Sunny-Boy who performed Balance. He took the opportunity to tell the crowd that he has been busy in the studio, “My album is dropping anytime soon,” he said. 
One could tell that, judging from the 5th edition of the BOB Party and the crowd’s perception of Namibian music, people are susceptible to change. Old songs are being appreciated more than new ones. In 2019, people still want to hear Koko by Gazza, Balance by Sunny-Boy, Hehee by King Tee Dee and many other Namibian oldies. 

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2019-05-13 09:37:17 | 9 months ago

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