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Doctor probed for ‘hitting’ nurse

2021-07-06  Loide Jason

Doctor probed for ‘hitting’ nurse

The Rehoboth police are investigating a case involving a medical doctor who is accused of physically assaulting a nurse in front of patients. 

According to police inspector Elifas Kuwinga, the incident occurred on 30 June at around 22h30 at the Oanob Private Hospital.  “According to the information, the nurse was slapped by the doctor. 

However, the investigations are ongoing and no arrest has been made,” said Kuwinga. The accused, Dr Bisby Matinhure, confirmed there was a “heated confrontation”. 

According to sources, the latest incident occurred when the doctor violently threw two boxes of Remdisivir in the face of Memory Mutsviki, hitting her right eye. Approached for comment, Mutsviki confirmed that she has sustained several injuries on her face and right eye.

“I was on night duty of the 30 June 2021 when my employer sent Sister Josephine Machikiche to call me. As the night was busy and I was behind the medication administration schedule, I decided to go with the patient’s files to collect medications without wasting time as he was on the side where medication is supplied. 

He asked why I had brought files and I explained that I wanted to collect medication. Then he asked why I had not sent the ward aid. I told him that the aid was assisting a patient. He then said that I should have listed all the medications on paper and send it with the aid. When I replied that there was no time to sit and write as patients were delayed in their medications and did not want to wait for the aid that was already with a patient, he told me to shut up. When I walked away, he grabbed me violently and pulled me out of the ward. He then pinned me to the ground and I fell with my head and he started dragging me with my buttocks and back on the ground while choking me as he was dragging while holding the back of my neck by the tight Covid personal protective jacket I was wearing. 

He dragged me like a dead body being dragged by a dog, up to his office. He pushed my head to the ground and bent himself on top of me and started beating my face so hard. After beating me, he locked me in his office for one hour taking me hostage depriving me of getting help as I was injured.” 

The nurse explained that she was left locked in the doctor’s office and was rescued by his wife, Patience Matinhure, who came from home. Approached for comment, Matinhure explained there was a heated confrontation between the two that night, claiming it was prompted by the nurse’s behaviour and putting patients at

“I am not aware if there were any injuries sustained but I know there was indeed a confrontation. But the matter is with the police and I do not want to share much,” said Matinhure. 

“We are a hospital that has standards to uphold. Our consequences go to the graveyard, hence we must at all times protect the patients and be accountable. The nurse left the patient on ventilators to go collect medication while she knew very well she is supposed to send the assistant. She also left a patient without blood for a very long time while she received the blood we ordered from another hospital. 

That made me unhappy and I reacted as part of work,” the accused explained. He said the management will use procedures to handle the matter at hand. New Era could not trace the other victims as they were allegedly all fired.

2021-07-06  Loide Jason

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