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Dubai Expo delegation positive of attracting investors

2021-09-24  Maihapa Ndjavera

Dubai Expo delegation positive of attracting investors

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board’s (NIPDB’s) executive for strategy and branding Margareth Gustavo assured the nation that the delegation heading to the much-hyped Dubai Expo 2020 is positive they will attract investors to the Land of the Brave.

“We are going there positive we will bring back investments but we are aware of the challenges we have in our country. We are working on them – and especially as the board, we are facilitating those trust relationships between the public and private sector to make sure the private sector comes in and creates jobs,” said Gustavo this week.

Namibia’s Dubai Expo delegation includes six startups and four sales consultants that have strong intentions of starting businesses when they return from the global event. The expo is slated to take place from October 2021 and March 2022.

GIZ, under the StartUp Namibia programme, sponsored close to N$2 million towards the expo, which will go towards Namibia’s participation budget.  

Each startup will spend up to four weeks in Dubai to promote its business, connect with prospective international investors and potentially scale its operations beyond Namibia’s borders. 

During the four weeks, they will also assist at the Namibian pavilion.

Gustavo stated that the multiplier effect of having small businesses is huge to spearhead growth in the country – and that is why they chose startups for the expo. 

“We are sending them there to be exposed and learn from other companies and be able to apply that in the context of Namibia.”

“Go and make money, network, create meaningful relationships and promote Namibia as a tourist and investment destination. Do not be afraid to become a bigger company; the future favours the brave,” she said. 

At the same occasion, deputy trade minister Verna Sinimbo urged the startups to sell their concepts to the world and focus on promoting Namibia as a secure and attractive investment destination of choice.

Sinimbo urged the delegation to know Namibia’s culture, economy, tourism and investment opportunities.

“Go evangelise about our democracy, excellent global rankings on many developments and governance pillars, judiciary independence, good governance, political and economic stability, our number one roads in Africa, excellent infrastructure and the ease of doing business in Namibia,” she pointed out.

Furthermore, Sinimbo urged the startups to use the expo to open opportunities for their businesses and expand on already existing innovations – and for them to access global competitive markets.

“Through you, Namibia can become a regional gateway and a game-changer. I am certain Namibia will fulfil its purpose to present the various investment opportunities available in the country to potential investors from around the world,” she

Namibian sales consultants at the Dubai Expo include Khanyiswa Mogotsi, Prisca Anyolo, Anna Shilunga and Helen Ngodji.

Startups include Kanie Supply and Distribution Chain, represented by Virginie Uwimana; Kamatjona Volunteerism Company, represented by Tuta Nangolo; LEFA, represented by Kalipi Aluvilu; Future Yield, represented by Andrei Tirtirau, and Kuelbs Steaks, represented by Valentin Kuelbs. 


2021-09-24  Maihapa Ndjavera

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