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Dundee produces sanitisers for 700 employees

2020-04-03  Aletta Shikololo

Dundee produces sanitisers for 700 employees

Obrein Simasiku


OMUTHIYA – In the effort to upscale and boost the fight against the novel Coronavirus pandemic, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb moved to another level by producing its brand of hand sanitiser for its 700 employees using its chemists. 

This, the copper smelting institute said, was in support of the mining industry’s efforts to fight the further spread of Covid-19. 

 “Dundee has started producing its own hand sanitiser as per the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Although there is no confirmed case in the region or at its site to date, as a preventative measure to promote good hygiene, the hand sanitisers are placed at different strategic points for employees to use. 

Disinfecting hands can slow the spread of the Coronavirus, said Herbicious Tiyeho, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb senior chemist, quality systems. According to Tiyeho, the need to make hand sanitisers in-house was triggered by the increased demand caused by the current pandemic of Covid-19, which led to the depletion of stock in shops and pharmacies. 

“By producing our own hand sanitiser, we can ensure employees will have it and free up more of the available commercial sanitiser supply so it can be directed toward hospitals, seniors’ homes and healthcare providers,” he added. 

He said the move was an example of what the world needs right now, and it proves that in these uncertain times, the more we can work together to help those affected by the pandemic, the better it will be for all.  

According to Tiyeho, Dundee’s hand sanitiser meets the specifications prescribed by WHO, which recommends an alcohol content greater than 60% to effectively kill the microbes (viruses and bacteria). 

Hand sanitisers with alcohol content below 60% will not effectively kill microbes.

He further urged employees and members of the community to be cautious when purchasing hand sanitisers online from third-party sellers. 

“If someone is callous enough to try to make a profit off a pandemic, they might be callous enough to cut the hand sanitiser with all sorts of chemicals,” he emphasised. 

In addition, the chemist said, Dundee has been closely following national safety instructions provided by authorities and has proactively introduced protocols to protect the health of its employees and contractors, which includes ongoing awareness campaigns about Covid-19, increased frequency of cleaning and sanitising surfaces, site access controls, including temporary discontinuation of breathalysers, as well as work from home measures.


2020-04-03  Aletta Shikololo

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