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Eenhana Town Council introduces debt relief programme

2023-12-06  Correspondent

Eenhana Town Council introduces debt relief programme

OSHAKATI – The Eenhana Town Council plans to write off all interest on debt owed by residents for services rendered to them.

Mayor Omri-Onn Kavandje revealed this to Nampa on Monday, saying residents owe about N$40.2 million to date.

As a result, the council has introduced an interest relief programme in which the council is waiving 100% of interest on municipal bills for their clients, both residential and businesses, for a period of 12 months.

“We are not opting for debt collectors for now, but we are giving our residents interest relief for 12 months for those coming to pay their bills,” Kavandje said.

This programme commences in January, and concludes in December 2024.

The mayor then called on the residents to pay their bills during that 12-month period, as their interest accumulated over the years will be written off.

Kavandje said other projects that are being prioritised include the naming of streets in some locations, and compensating some traditional homestead owners to relocate in order to develop those areas.

The compensation of the communal homesteads is expected to cost about N$ 8 million, with the assistance of the line ministry.

“Every development agenda brings challenges, as we observe the high influx of people in Eenhana. This leads to increased micro enterprises (street vendors) in our town,” he added.

Kavandje said the streets are now crowded by roadside vendors, which not only does not create a good impression, but also does not conform with local authority legislation. To address this issue, the council is actively engaging various stakeholders to secure funds for the construction of an open market facility.

 - Nampa

2023-12-06  Correspondent

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