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Even villagers can attain education dreams: Martins-Hausiku

2019-04-08  John Muyamba

Even villagers can attain education dreams: Martins-Hausiku

RUNDU - The University of Namibia’s Vice-Chairperson of Council, Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, reminded graduates during a Unam Rundu Campus graduation ceremony on Thursday that success is possible – even to those born in a village where basic amenities are often a rare commodity.

About 461 young professionals received their degrees and diplomas in education, entrepreneurship and new venture creation, business administration, accounting and nursing.
“Today I wish to remind you that you are possible, because your most innocent, big dreams are possible,” said the MVA Fund CEO.

“I recently read an article that argued that if most people remained with their childhood ‘creativity’, we would have better adults today. But we are taught in a system that encourages us to think within a ‘box’.
“Whether you are a boy or a girl, whether you live in Sauyema, Kaisosi or Nakazaza - it doesn’t matter if you were born in a village or in the city. Your dreams are possible,” she said.

Very often, individuals allow self-limiting beliefs and negativity to dictate their thoughts, creating room for failure, she said. 
“My advice is that you keep all the foolish dreams you had as a child, and keep building on them as you grow older, wiser and in confidence,” she added. Martins-Hausiku told graduates that a truth often not told in speeches like the one she delivered is the price that comes with accomplished dreams and success.

“Well, let me tell you today that it comes with hard-work and resilience; it requires a teachable spirit and investment of your time and effort. The latter being the thrust of my message today - if you want to be an achiever invest time and effort. And by being here, you have taken the right step by choosing to graduate from the University of Namibia,” she said.
Martins-Hausiku noted that, in her humble view, what makes graduation significant is the time spent and the effort invested.  
“Graduation is a beautiful thing,” she thundered.

“But by itself, it has very little meaning. This beautiful hall, your dresses, your suits, these gowns, they themselves become insignificant when compared to why we are here today,” she added. 

“It is no light accomplishment. It is not just a ceremony. You must and should celebrate! For it is history, it is purpose, but more than that it is hope that we can accomplish whatever it is we dedicate our time and effort to,” she continued. 

The Unam vice-chairperson of council further told the fresh graduates that the big population of Rundu is both an economic and academic opportunity, therefore, hoped that graduates will not only fight to move to bigger cities now that they have graduated, but also contribute towards the development of Rundu and neighbouring towns. “Instead of saying ‘there is nothing for you in Rundu’, ask yourself what you can do for Rundu and if you put your heads together you would find solutions to challenges in the community. That should be the driver of innovation and entrepreneurship - examining challenges and offering solutions responsive to the needs of the environment,” she said.

2019-04-08  John Muyamba

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