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Family reeling over death of minor

2020-01-27  Obrien Simasiku

Family reeling over death of minor
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Obrein Simasiku 

ONANDHI - The family of the 26-year-old man who buried his son alive last week at Onandhi village in Oshikoto region is still reeling in shock and disbelief over the killing that has sent shockwaves throughout the country. 
The family described the suspect as a quiet person who never showed any signs of aggression. The incident happened on Tuesday – four days after the mother of the  two-year-old boy brought him from Outapi – claiming she was travelling to Swakopmund in search of employment. 
The suspect, Nicolau Peyohamba Nghuumbwavali, appeared in the Ondangwa Magistrate’s Court on Friday, where he was denied bail.  None of the family members attended the court case, as they were busy working out funeral arrangements. A consensus was, however, reached after numerous consultations over the weekend that the child will be laid to rest in Omusati during the course of the week. 

“We do not know what really prompted him to do this heinous crime. He was a quiet person who never argued with anybody – whether at home, cuca shops or the community at large. He also does not drink alcohol or (take) drugs to say that might have been the cause. To be honest, we are shocked to the core and still can’t believe,” his mother Eufemia Joseph stated. “He is a cool guy and we can’t believe he did that. He is a Christian and that is why I am lost for words,” added the suspect’s elder sister Lemisia Nguumbwavali when New Era visited the family on Friday. 
According to Joseph, she alleged a heated argument between the suspect and the deceased’s mother might have triggered the tragedy. The incident allegedly happened around 17h00 when the suspect was left alone in the house with kids while his mother was away visiting in the community.
Before the killing
It is alleged the suspect then told other children to go weed in the field, especially the portion where he dug the shallow grave before burying the victim. 
Later, he informed other children in the house he was taking the victim back to his mother and that she was waiting for him by the roadside. “When I returned home, I asked the suspect the whereabouts of the deceased and he said the mother came to fetch him, so I didn’t mind. His sister only told me the following day after the suspect revealed the truth to her in the evening. He was crying; he could not talk. He only said he is sorry for his actions,” added Joseph. 
“The mother of the boy said she was dropping the child because she and the family are tired of raising a disabled child; hence, they do not want anything to do with him. In addition, she said she was going to Swakopmund thereafter, but when we called her after the incident, we found out she was in Ombalantu,” added Lemisia Nguumbwavali.

2020-01-27  Obrien Simasiku

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