• August 4th, 2020

Football politics robbing country of talent – Mbaeva

Brave Warriors veteran goalkeeper Maximillian Mbaeva is dismayed by the endless politics in Namibian football, saying the protracted infightings continue to rob local players of golden opportunities while countries are hard at work exporting hundreds of players to larger markets.

Speaking to New Era Sport from this week, Mbaeva – who plays for South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) side Golden Arrows – touched on a raft of issues holding Namibian behind and chief among the issues raised is the infighting that has brought local football at a halt. Mbaeva says what Namibian football administrators do not realise is the fact that while they are busy taking each other to courts and refusing to find amicable solutions to problems currently facing football, other neighbouring countries are miles ahead and hard at work exporting their talents to bigger European markets and big African leagues.

“Football bosses in Namibia, I really have to say it’s time we come together so that football can start because we are really losing out on many of our talented players as a country and it is going to have a very negative impact on the national team. For the coaches also, it’s affecting them and will continue making it hard for them to nurture new talents when football is not playing,” said Mbaeva.
The 32-year old acrobatic goalie, who was also part of Namibia’s squad at last years’ African Cup of Nations (Afcon), wrapped up his plea by warning that football is an ever-changing game globally and Namibia must be careful not to get caught up with unproductive politics at the expense of players talents and that of the country at large. 

Just this week, the expelled Namibia Premier League (NPL) responded to the NFA and indicated that they will accept their expulsion by the local football federation and will further launch a High Court bid to challenge the NFA “illegally” approaching/writing to its member clubs. They also indicated that it will challenge in court the NFA’s decision to expel the entire league’s executive committee members, including the league’s chief executive officer Harald Fuelle and league chairman Patrick Kauta. The NPL was expelled for bringing the NFA into disrepute.
As a result, the league has also resolved that it will approach the High Court to interdict the association’s “unlawful” conduct of approaching the league’s affiliates and will further seek a declarator that the NFA has no jurisdiction to expel or ban executive members or an employee of the NPL. 
– ohembapu@nepc.com.na

Otniel Hembapu
2020-07-31 11:36:22 | 4 days ago

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