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From cartoon enthusiast to budding comic artist

2023-11-15  Pricilla Mukokobi

From cartoon enthusiast to budding comic artist

In a world where cartoons captivate the hearts of many children, 14-year-old Eliuda Hamukoto stands out as a testament to the transformative power of animated worlds. 

Raised by the glow of the television screen, Hamukoto discovered a profound love for drawing at the tender age of six. Little did he know, this childhood hobby would blossom into a remarkable talent, recognised as a divine gift by the age of 10.

“I was basically raised by TV, my eyes light up with passion. I just really loved drawing. I would practically take a paper and pencil and just start drawing whatever came to my head, mostly characters from my favourite shows,” he said.  Now, at 14, he devotes most of his time to his art, evolving from a cartoon enthusiast into a budding comic artist. His creations often delve into the realm of adventure, with each stroke of his pencil bringing to life a world of imagination. When asked about specific themes or messages in his comics, he reflects, “Not really, but most of my comics that I have made so far are adventure-based.” 

His works transcend the boundaries of conventional storytelling, inviting readers into a universe where creativity knows no limits. As Hamukoto continues to nurture her artistic prowess, his journey serves as an inspiring tale for young minds everywhere as a reminder that the seemingly simple act of watching cartoons can sow the seeds for a fulfilling and purposeful career in the vibrant world of animation and beyond.

He draws inspiration from Stephen Hillensburg, the creator of his all-time favourite cartoon SpongeBob Square Pants, which was the first cartoon he skillfully learned how to draw. The other is Walter Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse and founder of Disney. 

“I also have a favourite animation studio, Pixar, is the world’s greatest I would say. In these past few years, I have really grown to love this studio and its work. My greatest dream is to actually go there and have them mentor me on all their animation ways. While watching Pixar movies, I literally look at them in ways not everyone else does and I really notice its beauty with my animation sight and yes it’s a thing,” he told Youth Corner

His goal is to get his books flying off shelves one day and make them big in the comic world. His dream is to start an animation company in Namibia, one that he will try to make sure lives up to the reputation of his favourite animation company, Pixar.

“I need the support of publishing companies that can mentor me in aspects that I need to perfect in order to become great at what I do. I’m not exactly aware of the type of electronics I need to help me, but at the level that I am right now, animating classes or anything close to that would be very beneficial,” he said. 

Helena Alweendo, the mother of Hamukoto told Youth Corner that the desire to assist his child and make sure his talent isn’t wasted is within her, but unfortunately, she has no idea where to begin or the type of assistance he really needs.

“I am humbly asking for assistance from anybody with information as to where I can send my child to further his skills and perfect his talent so that he lives doing what he loves and maybe one day make a living out of it,” she said. 

 She emphasises that she is very happy for him and his future, as it looks very promising. She thanks God every day for the talent he has blessed her son with, and hopes God guides him in fulfilling his purpose. “All a mother ever wants for her child is to succeed in whatever they do, and that is exactly what I want for him,” Alweendo concluded. 

2023-11-15  Pricilla Mukokobi

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