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Gciriku dismisses fake news on Hompa’s succession

2020-02-03  John Muyamba

Gciriku dismisses fake news on Hompa’s succession
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RUNDU - Festus Shikerete, the senior traditional councillor of the Gciriku Traditional Authority, has warned the Gciriku community to refrain from spreading fake news regarding the succession of the late Hompa Kassian Shiyambi, who died two months ago, as this could bring confusion.

The late Hompa Shiyambi has been the vaGciriku traditional leader after the death of the then hompa, the late Sebastian Kamwanga, who reigned from 1985 until he died in 1999. 

The royal family is now expected to nominate a member of their royal lineage to be enthroned as the new hompa to succeed Shiyambi.

“Why are people so in a hurry? We have been hearing people saying negative things about the royal family. It’s only end of February that subjects will be informed on what is next regarding the succession but people are coming up with a lot of stories which we don’t know where they are getting from,” lamented Shikerete. “They want to bring confusion; there is nothing going on at the moment that needs to be spread. People must wait until end of February, then the royal family will come in and tell us, as the subjects, on what is up – and that is after they have sat and made decisions within the royal family,” he said.

Shikerete said he has heard a lot of misleading information being spread on social media, accusing several members of the royal family with a lot of things – accusing them of having disputes amongst themselves.
“There won’t be any meeting on Saturday as it is being spread by agents of false news,” he stated. Vice President Nangolo Mbumba was scheduled to pay a courtesy call to the Gciriku Traditional Authority last Friday.

2020-02-03  John Muyamba

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