• February 23rd, 2020

German is celebrated at Delta

WINDHOEK – The Schools: Partners for the Future programme, also known as the PASCH programme is marking ten years this year.

The German Embassy and the Delta Secondary School in Windhoek will present a joint evening this Saturday at 18:00 at the Delta Secondary School Windhoek’s auditorium in Esther Brand Street and entrance is free. Learners from the different PASCH schools in Namibia (Martin Luther High School Okombahe, Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek, Windhoek High School, Namib High School Swakopmund, Private School Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo Secondary School, Etosha Secondary School Tsumeb and Delta Secondary School Windhoek) will present a programme featuring music, theatre, sketches, dances and much more.

This programme of international educational cooperation was established in 2008 by then German Foreign Minister and present Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. It aims at building up a worldwide network of partner schools and to awaken young people’s interest and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany. Currently, there are eight Namibian schools and 1800 schools worldwide taking part in the PASCH programme. 

As a worldwide programme for the development and advancement of German language education at distinguished schools, the PASCH initiative promotes inter-cultural exchange and the development of an international learning community. Within the scope of this programme, German language classes are promoted at PASCH schools worldwide. The Delta Secondary School was one of the first schools in Namibia to join the PASCH network in 2008. 

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