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Govt releases N$345m in non-tuition fees

2020-10-28  Albertina Nakale

Govt releases N$345m in non-tuition fees
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The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) yesterday announced government has released N$345 million towards the payment of non-tuition fees for tertiary students. 

NSFAF also said to date an amount of N$1.1 billion out of the allocated N$1.262 billion for the 2020/2021 financial year was made available by treasury, while a payment amounting to N$655.1 million has already been processed. 
NSFAF acting CEO Kennedy Kandume confirmed N$345 million was paid out on Monday, which is earmarked towards non-tuition fees.  Over the past months, student bodies have been up in arms fighting for non-tuition fees to be paid out. He was quick to say that NSFAF has been paying out money to students throughout the year for non-tuition fees.

“The N$345 million is the one we are using to pay out non-tuition fees. We want all the non-tuition to be paid. We are sure all outstanding non-tuition fees can be accommodated in that amount,” he noted. 

The fund expressed its gratitude to the government for prioritising the release of funds to enable payments in this regard. 
“We thank the government for this. It will make it easier for Namibia to achieve the 4th industrial revolution,” Kandume reacted. 
NSFAF indicated the balance of N$345 million is dedicated to non-tuition fees and has been processed during the week of 26 October 2020 up to 10 November 2020. The funds will be paid out to those who have received a partial payment before to make up the outstanding balance.
Those who have not received any payment to date due to delayed contract signing and attainment of the Bank Windhoek cards will also be accommodated. 

Kandume also reminded students - both private and state-funded to visit the NSFAF website to apply for the laptop and internet device initiative. 
He said the internet devices are ready and those students who applied already received them. “We are waiting for laptops. The tender process has been completed and the successful suppliers were awarded the contracts. We are just waiting from the suppliers,” he updated. 
The laptop is worth N$6 000 and students will pay half of this which is N$3 000, while the higher education ministry pays the remaining half.  The connectivity device is N$690. 

It comes with 10 gigabytes per month and students will pay N$345 once off while the ministry pays the remaining N$345.  In total, students will only contribute N$3 345 to benefit from this initiative.

2020-10-28  Albertina Nakale

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