• July 23rd, 2019
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Guard’s murder trial postponed to 2019

WINDHOEK - Windhoek Magistrate’s Court gave a lengthy postponement in the case of a former security guard accused of killing a 32-year-old woman whose body was discovered near Unam’s main campus this year.

Making an appearance in court from police custody, Tuhemwe Dinyando was informed his case will only resume in July 2019. The court gave a lengthy postponement to give ample time to the investigating officer to finalise the ongoing criminal investigations in which the security guard is cited.

During court proceedings, Dinyando’s defence attorney wanted the case to be provisionally withdrawn and for Dinyando to be re-summoned once the investigations have been concluded. However, the court refused the request noting that the charges that the accused is facing are of a serious nature and that he has ‘only’ been in custody for seven months.  The investigating officer is yet to obtain a witness statement from the scene of crime officer and laboratory results.

Dinyando faces a charge of murder and rape for what the prosecution deems as intentional and unlawful killing. All charges emanate from the death of Theresia Pietersen who was raped, before she was brutally killed on April 09. Pietersen’s half-naked corpse was discovered by a passer-by between Western bypass and Unam’s main campus on April 10.

Dinyando has since denied guilt during his failed formal bail application. In his defence, although having admitted to have been in Pietersen’s company the night before she died, he said he did not kill her. He stated that he has no idea what happened to Pietersen after they parted ways on that fateful night.

However, police reports at the time of the incident indicate that Pietersen was last seen in the company of Dinyando. It is alleged Dinyando bought Pietersen drinks during an outing with friends on the date in question. There on, Pietersen allegedly broke away from her friends, only to be discovered the next day dead.

Furthermore, one of Dinyando’s colleagues saw the two together and were engaged in an argument when they left his room the night before Pietersen was discovered dead.
Magistrate Justine Asino presided with Bernedine Bertolini prosecuting.

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2018-12-04 09:27:22 7 months ago

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