• July 9th, 2020

Hair stylist gives utmost satisfaction

WINDHOEK-Seasoned self-taught hairstylist, Fransina Nikodemus, popularly known as Fluffy, says she is working on building a client base and to be the best hairdressers in the country.

Fluffy is the owner of Fluffy’s Artistry salon in Shandumbala. She became a popular hairstylist in the country by styling the hairs of many a bride on their wedding days. She says by expanding her business, she has taken it upon herself to give utmost customer satisfaction.  “This entails me doing research to find out what makes them most satisfied, not just with their hairstyle as they leave my salon, but also ensuring their comfort while sitting in my salon. I came to realise that with a steady client base, I am able to sustain myself and to contribute to making my empire grow,” explains Fluffy. 

 “At the moment, my salon (Fluffy’s Artistry) is petite, come five years from now, the doors of my salon will be slightly bigger to enable me to do more than I am doing right now.” Apart from having opened doors to what she can call her own salon, Fluffy realised that marketing is an important factor in a successful business, and it’s for that reason that she simultaneously launched her “Fluffy’s Artistry, Vol 1” a publication which showcased her work in December. However, at the same time she used this platform to acknowledge her clients. “I am hoping to release my second edition in the middle of the year, God willing, and with this edition, I plan on incorporating other work such as collaborations that I have done with other like-minded individuals,” says Fluffy.

She says her inspiration in hairstyling comes from research.  She has watched many hair tutorials on YouTube and through trial and error, has perfected her skills. She is proficient in numerous hairstyles. In addition to providing her services in Windhoek, she is open to making her services more accessible as she is willing to travel to various towns to offer her services.  

In addition to styling, she is also well experienced in a variety of colour and highlight application techniques to achieve the perfect look.  Fluffy also has vast experience in installing hair extensions and weaves and in making and maintaining wigs.
Fluffy has applied her magic touch on a number of brides, bridesmaids, runway models, matriculants and individual style fanatics,  and one of her most cherished moments was a recent photoshoot where she did a collaboration with a renowned make-up Artist.

This was an overwhelming yet cherished moment in her career as this boosted her confidence in her work and skills. Fluffy’s passion dates back to her younger years when she used every break at high school to transform a friend’s hairdo. 


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