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Hamba kahle to revered rugby icon Chandler Desmond Plato RIP 1970 - 2020

2020-07-24  Carlos Kambaekwa

Hamba kahle to revered rugby icon Chandler Desmond Plato RIP 1970 - 2020

The universal law of being born and subsequently die is an undisputed process which applies to all human beings, including any other living creatures on motherly earth.
Nothing stays permanent or static for that matter and people live and operate within a process of coming and leaving, essentially
detailing the process of life. People die, they don’t pass away and yet some people, notably family members and acquaintances find it difficult to deal with the untimely departure of their loved ones. It’s normal and customary practice that when death struck, it does not only affects
the departing person’s close family but more often the entire community, in which they have had lived.
In today’s edition of your favourite weekly sport feature Tales of the Legends, profiling our sport heroes and heroines past and present, New Era Sport pays a fitting tribute to departed rugby icon Chandler Plato, a true gentleman and community activist who devoted his entire life to the oval ball game of rugby.
“Bro Plates” you might be gone to be reunited with your ancestors but your legacy will remained entrenched in the memory of those who came to know you up close. Rest peacefully mate.

Famously known as “Plates”, in reference to his surname Plato, the departed rugby administrator will go down in history as one of the most astute rugby administrators in domestic rugby. A born and bred seasider, Chandler was a product of the rugby mad De Duine High School
in Walvis-Bay’s residential area Narraville for the affluent coloured community. 

The entire Walvis-Bay community, notably Narraville residents, Kudu Rugby Club and the ruling political party SWAPO were left in utter shock
and disbelief following the sad news about the untimely departure of local rugby icon Chandler Plato. In essence, the game of rugby in
the Erongo region has lost a giant but an astute administrator in the shape of Chandler. The latter died from cardiac arrest at his hometown
Walvis-Bay, on Monday night. The likable retired hooker-cumrugby administrator of format was a bright pupil of Narraville Primary
School and later went to further his education at the revered De Duine Secondary School.
Upon completion of his secondary schooling, he joined forces with exciting local outfit Young Tigers Rugby Club, where he played for a
few years.

Following the unavoidable dissolvent of Young Tigers, Chandler joined local giants Kudu Rugby Club and has remained an active member
on and off the pitch ever since. In no time, “Plates” manouvered his way up the ranks with the blue and white strip Narraville outfit serving
as committee member upon his retirement from competitive rugby. His first assignment within the club’s well-oiled internal structures
was holding the portfolio of medical officer and later occupied several plum positions in the following sequence; club secretary, deputychairman before he rose to the hot seat of club chairman.

Chandler served as Kudu RC chairman with distinction for several years and was proudly heralded as an immortal Kudu hero, a giant
and warrior of rugby and above all, a fighter till the bitter end. After serving an uninterrupted 5-year span as the Commanderin-
Chief at the “House of Pain”, he was duly selected as Western representative by an overwhelming vote from all coastal clubs to serve
on the Board of the Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) in 2018.

As a result of his astonishing hard work and dedication, the coastal clubs once again entrusted the shrewd rugby administrator to
be their sole representative on the NRU board, culminating in his reelection as Board member. Sadly, his tenure just lasted two months
before his untimely departure from motherly earth.

Chandler leaves behind a generation of athletes influenced by his legendary sportsmanship. The Kudu family can only draw lessons
from his fighting spirit on the field in his heyday and of the field as rugby administrator. “Chandler’s death at this tender
age of 49 leaves all Namibians bereft of a rugby hero and national role model, who still had a great deal to offer to rugby and his country,” reads part of a statement issued by the Kudu Rugby Club, as the Narraville outfit pays a well deserved dignified tribute to a departed club legend. 

“Kudu Rugby Club will miss the humility and joy of life with, which Chandler conducted himself during his illustrious career as Kudu
chairman that inspired hundreds of young children. It further states that the passing of Chandler is a sad chapter in the history of Kudu Rugby Club, adding his contribution towards the growth of both Kudu Rugby Club and National teams was immense.
“Kudu Rugby Club salute him for the extraordinary achievements he recorded in a life that has sadly ended prematurely,” concludes the
statement. Apart from his unconditional involvement in the oval ball game of rugby, Chandler was an active no nonsense political activist who
devoted his life to the fight against racial prejudice and white privilege under the wing of Namibia’s ruling political giants Swapo.

A brave true son of the soil is no more but his legacy will forever be entrenched in the memories of those he worked with Chandler, until we
meet again in heaven, May your soul be rested in eternal peace.

2020-07-24  Carlos Kambaekwa

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