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Heavy rains impoverish family of seven

2020-04-01  Obrien Simasiku

Heavy rains impoverish family of seven
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OMUTHIYA – Heavy rains have left a family of seven destitute in Akoonde village in Eengodhi constituency after two of their huts were washed away. They have reconstructed one small hut with cardboard boxes and corrugated zinc sheets, which they share with five children. 

The councillor for Eengodhi, Protasius Neshuku, said he visited the family to assess the situation and has since embarked on a mission to pool resources and assist. 
In the meantime, his office has provided bags of maize meal, tinned fish and cooking oil to the family as he continues to source for more donations. 

The house is situated on the ground that is susceptible to flooding due to the soil texture that does not absorb water instantly.  

“We are sharing this small room with my children as we have no other choice; you can see for yourself that the walls of the thatched hut have collapsed. We will highly appreciate if any Good Samaritan could assist with materials to build a better structure and shift from where we are, as the ground is waterlogged whenever it rains, leading to flooding,” stated Thomas Mufenda. As a result, he said, it sometimes becomes difficult to access the house due to water, adding it is also dangerous to the kids as they face the possibility of drowning. Mufenda and her wife are both unemployed and only survive on doing odd jobs around the villages, which he said it is also hard to find. –

2020-04-01  Obrien Simasiku

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