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Hockey veterans look to the future

2022-10-26  Maurice Kambukwe

Hockey veterans look to the future

In spite of losing the majority of their matches at the Masters World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa, the players learned valuable lessons to apply going forward, team manager Silke Pennefather has said.

The competition saw about 1 800 participants from 20 countries. Namibia played against the Netherlands (0-14), Spain (0-5), Canada (0-3), Argentina (1-4), South Africa (0-11) and a draw against an Alliance Team (1-1).

Pennefather said other countries play hockey at least four times a week and have ex-professional players. 

“The scores do not quite reflect the level of hockey we played; we also had our chances and played some good hockey but our match fitness took its toll,” she explained.

“Most importantly, we showcased Namibia on and off the field, making new friends and gaining huge respect from the world’s giant hockey countries like the Netherlands, Germany and England.”

Although the host city for the next event has not been announced yet, the team manager has expressed strong feelings to compete in the competition when it takes place in 2025. 

“Namibia was invited to the competition and we did well, so preparations will get underway for us to compete for the title in the next event that will take place in 2025. This competition is held every after two years,” she said.


2022-10-26  Maurice Kambukwe

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