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Husband kills wife, commits suicide

2022-07-11  Festus Hamalwa

Husband kills wife, commits suicide

Festus Hamalwa 

OSHIHEPO - A woman from Oshihepo village in the Ohangwena region who had endured regular assaults by her husband was allegedly shot and killed by him.

Police confirmed that Shikemeni Ndinomayele (57) shot Teopolina Mateus (43) last Tuesday for allegedly cheating on him while he was at work. He then fled, and allegedly killed himself with the same gun on Wednesday.

The police stated that Ndinomayele has been away from the village with work. When he returned home, he heard rumours that his wife had slept with different men in their village.

Police crime investigations coordinator Zacharia Amakali said on Tuesday afternoon, the couple was drinking at cucashops in their village.  

Ndinomayele asked his wife to go home with him, but at first she refused to accompany him. “Later on, Mateus agreed to accompany her husband. On their way back home, they started arguing,” explained Amakali.

While on their way, the husband allegedly shot his wife twice in the stomach and chest. The villagers who witnessed the incident immediately alerted the police.

Mateus was taken to the Eenhana hospital and later transferred to the Onandjokwe hospital, where she died that evening.

Amakali said after the incident, Ndinomayele ran into the bushes with his gun. “The police tried to search for him. He was discovered dead on Wednesday in a pool of blood in his bedroom in their homestead,” the officer continued.

The couple was married, and have children together. Mateus had been abused on various occasions, and as recently as last month, she was assaulted by her husband.

Shocked Omundaungilo constituency councillor Festus Ikanda urged men to stop killing women. “It’s a very bad example to young boys in society. Men should always seek assistance from social workers and church leaders whenever they find problems in their relationships,” he added.

Ikanda said killing isn’t a solution, but will just promote domestic violence in the Ohangwena region. “Let’s stick together to fight against domestic violence in our region,” he urged.


2022-07-11  Festus Hamalwa

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