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Industry Loop: Double Standards: Part 2! 

2019-05-10  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop: Double Standards: Part 2! 

Earlier this year, I blasted people for their double standards. At the time, I was reacting to how people were pressing Slammer to be “humble” after he went on a social rant. My views were simple, he’s a rapper! What on earth do you expect from a rapper? To be humble? To hell with your humble nonsense! Who are you to tell a Namibian creative to be humble? 
Are you not the same person who STILL worships Kanye West even though he strangely believes that slavery was a choice? You were hella excited about the Meek Mill Vs Drake feud! Are you not the same person that religiously followed Kylie Jenner’s fall out with Black Chyna? Who can forget all the memes you shared during Tyga’s standoff with Soldier Boy. You are the same person that picked sides during the Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B animosity! Yet when a Namibian creative gets into a scuffle, oh no you must be humble. Jirrie! 

Yes, I am talking about the Exit vs King Tee Dee vs Gazza beef. Where were your “humble yourself” tweets and posts to MGK when he dropped “Rap devil”, a diss song to Eminem? You begged Eminem to retaliate and he did! Your double standards disgust me! 

First, you complain that the Namibian entertainment industry is boring. Beef erupts, now you complain that Exit must humble himself and respect his “elders”. Ano, what do you want? We must stop looking down on our own. The minute it’s foreign, it’s worth the entertainment. If it’s Namibian, it’s “trash”, “boring” or please “humble yourself”. 

So, what if Exit raffled feathers? So what? This is the game. My wish was that you use the same energy you utilised to urge Eminem to reply to MGK to urge King Tee Dee and Gazza to reply to Exit. Exit said some hurtful sh*t in his diss track to King Tee Dee and Gazza! 

Imagine a reply from both Gazza and King Tee Dee on one to track to Exit? Ano, why can’t you see the entertainment value here? Why always assume the worst? Even the originator of the rather annoying “Drink water and mind your business”, AKA had a diss track out at Cassper Nyovest and Cassper replied with some serious heat! 

I will never advocate for beef but a bit of back and forth is part and parcel of the game. To heck with your humble nonsense. Let’s stop this double standard of glorifying anything foreign but the second its Namibian we want sh*t on our own! Kama humble yourself…mxii! 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
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2019-05-10  Staff Reporter

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