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Industry Loop - Events in Mbumba’s land

2024-04-19  NSK

Industry Loop - Events in Mbumba’s land

FOR years, I’ve written about events in Namibia. For years, I made it a point to contextualise what the perfect event should look like. 

Sadly in Namibia, we refuse to learn mos, so we keep finding ourselves at these trash events where we lose our money and belongings. 

In 2018, I shared a straightforward guide to a well-organised event, in which I highlighted secured parking, value for money for VIPs, and the need for headliners to confirm one way or another, that they indeed are aware of the said show. 

It’s telling that these elements very much remain exceptionally relevant in 2024.

In 2020 with the help of the New Era Publication’s VIBEZ! lifestyle and entertainment section, to which I contribute a weekly column, I said: “We need event organisers to actually CARE!”. I highlighted the lack of hygienic ablution facilities at events in a time of Covid-19. 

There is a video circulating on socials of the organiser of the Amapiano Festival, Desmond “Birdies” Shipanga, publicly remarking on stage about the lack of toilet paper, among other troubles at the event, in which he proceeded to ask for grace from revellers. 

At least Desmond had the balls to be honest about his troubles, in which he seemingly asked for forgiveness. There is a fantastic track record of other event organisers putting together the most heinous of events without giving a f**k about anything else. So, clearly in this Namibia of ours, we have a problem with quality events. It’s terribly unfair of me to box all events into this rotten basket, but that’s the reality of life. This brings me to my proposal: I believe Namibia should have an events’ control board. This board will standardise the quality of events in Namibia. For this board to have some sort of power, it needs to be under an Act of Parliament. 

The proposal is that this board will have a checklist that event organisers need to harmonise in order to host an event. This checklist should include everything from secure parking to hygienic ablution facilities. Event organisers will need the approval of the board to host an event. The onus is on the event organisers to meet the requirements of this checklist. 

This will give an event some sort of credibility, and help revellers avoid events in which their lives get turned upside down due to a lack of safety and other important factors. In a case where an event gets the stamp of approval from the events’ control board but subsequently, the event turns out to be below the promised standards of the board, the said event organiser should be liable to a hefty fine. 

I genuinely believe we deserve better. People work excruciatingly hard for their money. Work/life balance is important. So, the one time where you go out, your VW batch gets stolen, or the car window gets smashed. Your phones get grabbed, or you are the victim of a pickpocket. You get served cold and dry platters in VIP section after paying 5k. You need to leave the venue to find a suitable ablution facility because well…no toilet paper at the venue. That is the epitome of a middle finger to your patronage. 

Do event organisers care? Highly doubt it. Will they be held accountable? Not in this Namibia, unless we seriously entertain and action out an events’ control board. 

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM 

Need an MC? I’m YOUR guy. Hit me up…

2024-04-19  NSK

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