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J-Black joins the podcast club

2021-10-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

J-Black joins the podcast club
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Local rapper Jamee M Uaendere popularly known as J-Black, is following in the footsteps of some celebrities who have hopped on the bandwagon of interviewing people instead of being interviewed.

The newly formed podcast called Protect Your Passion just released its first show last week, which had  Monique English and Dr Shikongo, on the couch. J-Black told VIBEZ! the idea initially came about after a conversation he had with his co-founder on how to go about it. “I was having a chat with one of the co-founder Hamoud Nassor, and we initially wanted to have a show where we interview people over some nice food or so. But then we thought nah, people might assume we copying the braai show, so we decided on a podcast instead, and also a podcast gives us more freedom,” he explained.

The show is centred around everything they are passionate about, ranging from music, games, sports, lifestyle, fashion, depression, topical issues they feel the nation needs to have a platform to discuss these kinds of issues. 

As some artists are adjusting to the new norm of staying ahead of their peers, the rapper feels this platform is more about sharing knowledge without limitations.“I guess so, for me it’s about sharing my ideas, my opinions. I also wanted to do radio, but I haven’t found a home yet and radio has a lot of limitations, so I think the podcast space suits me more. It’s not filtered and I get to be myself.”

Their first guests were singer Monique English and Dr Shikongo, because of the different conversations they could delve into, respectively. “We chose to have them on the show because firstly Monique English is a widely respected musician, so we knew people would be interested in hearing her story, and her reasons for maybe not being as active as her fans would want her to be. Dr Shikongo was invited to share his knowledge and expertise. He is a professor at Unam as well, and he deals with psychology and understanding how human beings work, so we had him on for expert advice,” he explained.

On the musical front, he has a new single titled ‘Bietji Shap’, which features Hoan, Epanda Rizzy and Mabuzza that is doing the rounds on radio.

“I’m just very thankful to the founders of the podcast, Hatite //Hoabeb and Hamoud Nassor, for allowing me to join them on this journey and I hope it’s a fruitful one. But more than that, I hope we inspire change within our communities, and actually hope that the information we share can help someone else grow,”  he ended.

2021-10-22  Strauss Lunyangwe

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