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Jig to Amapiano aerobics with coach Namaseb

2022-12-09  Ramouna Shipunda

Jig to Amapiano aerobics with coach Namaseb

Offering aerobics workouts on the beat of Amapiano sounds since August this year, Charles Namaseb puts his charges through their drills at the Khomasdal sports stadium over weekends.

He said exercising to a fast beat of the music is one of the best ways to get one’s heart pumping and the blood flowing faster to where it is needed.

Namaseb said he chose Amapaino, as it is the latest trending music that most people enjoy dancing to.

“So, I thought of taking the hit songs, putting them together and setting a workout that suits it. This way, while you enjoy your favourite music, you can sweat,” he told VIBEZ! 

“I have been offering aerobics for a few years now but just decided to switch up the taste to Amapaino aerobics this year.” 

Namaseb was an athlete and basketball player before he became a fitness coach and personal trainer, and he has a CrossFit level 2 qualification.

He also offers boot camp group classes and aqua aerobics. 

Namaseb got his first massive class of 90 trainees for a boot camp in 2020 – just before Covid-19 hit.

Motivated by the unity the programme brings for all age groups and genders, he loves to see how accommodating it is for everybody. 

“The boot camp was a really huge success; it was something that everyone could enjoy – from children to old aged people,” he noted.

He currently coaches about 30 people in a session and hopes it becomes bigger with the help of sponsors. 

One of his oldest clients Loide Sheya said she joined Namaseb’s boot camp to lose weight, and she has successfully done so.

“I love how he engages with his clients and how much attention he pays to each individual. It’s honestly overwhelming, and I am having a great experience with the camp,” she said.

Interested to join? Call him on 081 650 8662.


2022-12-09  Ramouna Shipunda

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