• June 2nd, 2020

Job opportunity to teach English in Asia not a scam

Selma Ikela 

Windhoek- A Namibian company recruiting qualified graduates with excellent command of English to go teach English at Chinese private schools in Asia have refuted claims that this is a human trafficking syndicate.
“This is definitely not human trafficking. Too many people know about our project. We have also contacted the Chinese Embassy and we will be working with them on issues like applying for visas, work permits and residence permits. We are not sneaking the candidates out of the country either. They will have proper documentation to support their stay in China, responded Manager of Elite China Education Group Paul Engelbrecht when approached for comment. 
Engelbrecht said potential candidates will go teach and introduce English from grade 0 to 3 at Elite schools in Asia.  The curriculum has been set for candidates as well as all study materials to be used, stated Engelbrecht. He said candidates will be contracted for at least one year but they may extend their contract. Candidates will have a medical insurance that will take care of them if they are sick or they have been in an accident
A recent graduate who requested anonymity got cold feet after going for an interview.  She wanted to know if the offer is legit before she leaves the country.  The young woman is a Business management graduate from local university and is struggling to land a job here. She currently has a temporary job as reception at local government institution.
Engelbrecht further stated this is an ongoing process as the Chinese agencies want a huge amount of people to go and teach.  
Engelbrecht stated candidates will receive a salary of about N$ 20 000 per month. They can choose how much they want to be paid to them and the rest will be paid into their Namibian account. They may also do over-time instruction and that works out at about N$1 100 per hour.  They may work up to 24 hours per month over time.
Candidates will live in either a one two bedroom flat with washing machine, television set, microwave etc.  They candidates will be transported from the lodgings to and from the school free. If the distance from the lodging is too far, the lodging will be paid by the school.
Engelbrecht added wanted their blessing on the project from Namibian Education Ministry but the executive director or personal assistant didn’t respond to their telephonic calls and e-mails as they.
Engelbrecht said people can contact them at their office at Hotel Pension, Onganga in 11 Schuckmann Street , Avis.

Selma Ikela
2019-05-14 09:09:28 | 1 years ago

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