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Jobless mom of six appeals for help

2019-10-17  Obrien Simasiku

Jobless mom of six appeals for help

ONAYENA – A jobless mother who recently gave birth to a set of triplets is thrilled about the blessing, but equally worried on how she will take care of them. 

New Era visited the 34-year-old mother Helvi Shikomba at her homestead of Onanyege in Onayena constituency, who last month gave birth to triplets. She narrated the harsh reality she lives. 
Shikomba was found in a tiny corrugated shack, where she lay on a lean blanket on the ground together with her three daughters, as she welcomed the news team with a bright smile. 
There is no bed or a mattress in their tiny shack. 

 Shikomba and her partner Joseph Shipito, both unemployed, now have six children together.
They have thus appealed to Good Samaritans to assist them in whatever way possible. 

“I did not know that I am expecting triplets, I only learnt about that during the delivery process. I saw the first one, then I was told there is another one, just when I thought I am done, the nurse again said there is still one more. I was so delighted and happy, it is such a blessing, also in disguise as I now have to struggle to feed them,” stated Shikomba, as she feeds one of the baby girl she named Nyanyukweni.
The other two are Shekupe and Ligola. 

Shikomba gave birth on 25 September at Onandjokwe Lutheran hospital. “I am therefore still appealing to the nation to please help, for the benefit of these innocent babies. We survive by doing odd jobs around the community, which will be a bit difficult at this stage,” she stressed further, saying she still takes care of her father who is 110 years.

The boyfriend who leaves in the nearby house, expressed similar sentiments, saying as much as they are excited, they really need help from the community.

The councillor for Onayena, Iyambo Indongo gave the family a bag of maize meal, canned fish and three bottles of cooking oil. 

“This is not enough, thus as a community, nation, we still have to provide support to this family whether it is with formula milk, diapers, blankets or food. Let’s not leave them alone in this when they are in need,” he briefly said.

Meanwhile, staff at Onandjokwe hospital said the triplets were the only case they received so far this year, the rest were normal birth and twins. Although the ministry of health provides support to mothers who deliver triplets such as providing formula, they said it is now difficult to offer to such provisions time to time as their rules are streamlined to offer mostly the impoverished.

2019-10-17  Obrien Simasiku

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