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Jumper Namibia on a quest to promote Namibian tourism

2020-08-19  Paheja Siririka

Jumper Namibia on a quest to promote Namibian tourism
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Jumper Namibia founder Andreas Elifas (28) said the aim, in the long run, is to create an easy way for tourists to enjoy their excursions in the county without any hindrances or disturbance. He said the implementations of such a digital platform in Namibia has boundless prospects.
“The possibilities are endless, but I always imagine a tourist coming to Namibia with no idea on how to get around the place. All they would have to do is wear special headsets that would augment arrows pointing to where they need to go. My vision is to live in a smart city, where technology can be used to make our lives more convenient, so this is the area we would like to contribute by creating Namibian made technology, which can be used by Namibians and people around the world,” said Elifas.

Founded in 2017, Jumper Namibia is a digital First Person Perspective video marketing platform, where clients can create cinematic informational/instructional content for them to preview, launch or showcase their products or services. Elifas said the initial idea of exploring such a gadget is to provide quality education. 

“Reading becomes more of a challenge and attention span becoming less and less as the world becomes more digital; it only makes sense to come up with innovative things that we can use to continue educating ourselves. So, we are also looking into observational learning, as it’s something which is overlooked; not everyone learns the same way.”

This is not the first virtual reality headset but Elifas said they created their idea around the VR headset and made content in the first-person perspective, which allowed someone to watch with a simple Google cardboard headset that can be purchased at an affordable price. 
“We are yet to create our headsets,” he assured. Elifas said: “The aim is to get to a stage where they can create their mixed reality technology. With technology becoming the driving force of the digital world, it’s wise to head into that direction. But this idea might take a little longer to make a reality, as we are still on the start-up stage.”

He said though the idea is complex, they want to organise themselves by setting a strong foundation for the business and create a perfect operating system with the services they are currently offering to business owners and professionals, which includes virtual tours, informational videos, instructional videos, VR street campaigns, Jumper POV videos and creative consultations.
“My objective is to attain an engaging position in the creative industry, which is optimal for personal growth and discovery. This includes working in a team-oriented environment; surrounding myself with like-minded individuals is a high priority,” he enlightened.

2020-08-19  Paheja Siririka

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