• August 18th, 2019
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Junior Mayor appeals to youth to combat HIV/AIDS

WINDHOEK - The City of Windhoek Junior Mayor, Reshelle Beukes, is urging all youth in Namibia to work together and educate themselves in fighting  the spread of HIV and AIDS among them. Beukes made the remarks last week when she visited the Family of Hope Services in Havana, Windhoek during the implementation of her HIV and AIDS project under the theme, Empowering Youth in the community through dances and songs. She also encourages the youth to abstain from sexual activities. “You are our present and future leaders. What you do today, how you behave today, will determine the kind of world that you will live in tomorrow,” says Beukes, adding that together the youth need to continue to educate themselves, their friends and loved ones on HIV and AIDS pandemic. She adds that HIV and AIDS is one of the developmental challenges affecting young people in Namibia with the pandemic having left many families with no breadwinners and children without parents. The City of Windhoek Junior Council through its HIV and AIDS as a standing project targets young people who are going through difficulties and at risk of the disease. “Junior councillors believe that this is where the love and care shown by us as the community can change a life, and where a helping hand mean the difference between life and death.” Beukes however, advises that the key to end this pandemic is to sensitise the new generations through information sharing to bring about social changes in behaviours and attitudes. 

Pinehas Nakaziko
2018-09-19 10:14:09 10 months ago

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