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Keetmanshoop marches again to governor’s office

2018-11-12  Matheus Hamutenya

Keetmanshoop marches again to governor’s office
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KEETMANSHOOP - Keetmanshoop residents will again today march to the //Kharas governor’s office to hand over their petition after such an attempt failed last Friday.

On Friday, a group of about 100 residents marched to the governor’s office with the intention of petitioning the government over a directive to handpick struggle kids to occupy various positions in ministries across the country “at the expense of other unemployed youth”, but the group could not hand over their petition as //Kharas governor Lucia Basson was not in the office at the time and the demonstrators refused to hand it over to Basson’s special advisor Alfred Dax.

The group will now again march to the governor’s office today, hoping that the same fate does not await them. The group’s spokesperson Maxie Minnaar told New Era in a brief interview the group is confident the governor will be in office to receive their petition and that the petition will only be handed to the governor.

“We wanted to directly hand over the petition to the governor but she was not there, we felt we must give our petition to the governor personally, she was called by her special advisor and she agreed, so we expect her to be at her office,” she said.
The demonstration follows an uproar over struggle kids who have been placed as cleaners at various schools in the region, and with most of these struggle kids perceived to be from the northern part of the country, local residents feel they are being robbed of equal opportunities to jobs and thus widespread demonstrations.

The Tses, Kosis, and Mariental communities where the struggle kids are said to have been placed, protested against the placement last week, as the Nowak Primary School gates in Tses were locked denying entry to the teachers, learners and the police had to be called in to diffuse the situation.

The special placement of the struggle kids around the country comes after a government directive requesting that certain positions be reserved for struggle children in all regions.

2018-11-12  Matheus Hamutenya

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