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//Kharas promotes open door policy

2020-02-28  Staff Reporter

//Kharas promotes open door policy

Steven Klukowski

AROAB – A collective governing approach involving all relevant stakeholders is of paramount importance since this is the gateway to prosperity in any given structure said Megameno Shikongo, Deputy Director for the Directorate Planning and Development Services at //Kharas Regional Council.

He made these remarks when addressing residents in his capacity as acting chief regional officer (CRO) during an information sharing day recently held in Aroab. 
“Our directorate has developed multitude projects in the //Kharas region through financial and technical assistance,” he said.

Referring to the public institution’s perspective he explained that its core function is to provide information in order to improve the performance of government services and the provision of training. 
“Through this perspective we encourage rural communities to visit their respective constituency offices on issues or information not clear enough to them,” Shikongo added. 
The deputy director went on to call on those supported through the rural programmes to visit the directorate for training needs identification.

In terms of the civil society perspective, he explained it as being a contractual approach to manage capacity participation programmes through the attainment of the necessary skills required. 
As examples of these initiatives, he mentioned the training provided for the construction of rural sanitation toilets and furthermore on how to make a success out of goat farming. 

“It is therefore essential that consultations on organised decentralisation be initiated in order to provide the community with a ‘jump start’ when implementing projects,” he said. Elaborating more on continuing development projects for rural communities, he mentioned amongst others the cash and food for work programme, Klein Karas dumpsite establishment, fencing of the Koës stadium, construction of rural toilets in Aroab and upgrading of the Krönlein stadium.

He called on the community to constantly submit their identified needs since this can fast- track effective service delivery. Shikongo, in addition, pledged the regional council’s unwavering promise to always give priority to government programmes and projects aimed for the betterment of rural communities.  
“We (government) and the community should always work hand in hand as a collective effort for the benefit of both sides,” he concluded.

2020-02-28  Staff Reporter

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