• July 13th, 2020

Khomasdal councillor promises land delivery

WINDHOEK - Samuel Angolo, the new constituency councillor for Khomasdal, has vowed to tackle existing challenges facing the area, including land delivery, access to electricity and sanitation. 

Angolo was duly elected last week in the constituency by-election and defeated Reggie Diergaardt of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), Mara Baumgartner of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) and Bartholomeus Tjiunomuinjo Kauahuma of Swanu. The Khomasdal constituency by-elections were necessitated following the resignation of Margaret Mensah-Williams, in compliance with Section 77 (4) of the Electoral Act, Act No 5 of 2014, and the Namibian Constitution, in order to qualify for nomination as a candidate for the National Assembly. 

“I have been a resident of Otjomuise, especially in the informal settlement. Since I am part and parcel of that community, I realised there is a challenge on land delivery. People still rent houses from the City of Windhoek. My plan is to work with the local authority councillors to give those people title deeds, so that they can have ownership of those properties they are renting from the municipality,” Angolo told New Era. Another challenge he aims to tackle while in charge is the power supply to Otjomuise residents, especially in 7 de Laan and 8ste de Laan. 

He said these informal settlements have been in existence for years, but residents still do not have access to electricity. According to him, the lack of power supply has forced residents to resort to illegal power connections, which have been problematic over the years, as they cause shack fires and are hazardous to children playing on the streets. 

He said due to lack of power supply, crime has also skyrocketed, as streets are dark at night. “People must get electricity and decent land. The municipality has nothing to lose. They must give title deeds to the residents,” he noted. Angolo also pointed out a lack of sanitation in the Otjomuise’s informal settlement. He said the sewer system is unhygienic, with the sewage overflowing in streets, putting residents at higher risk of contracting diseases. Angolo, who was sworn in yesterday, is also concerned about the high unemployment rate. He said youth unemployment is high in the area, which forces these young people to abuse alcohol and drugs. 

Although Khomasdal has proper structures and municipal services, he said there are also challenges such as crime, drug and alcohol abuse. 
“These drug users break into people’s cars and steal valuable belongings such as cell phones. So, we are going to work very closely with the law enforcement officials in this regard,” he promised.

Albertina Nakale
2020-01-21 07:20:30 | 5 months ago

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