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King Gucci instills hope in youth

2019-03-27  Staff Report 2

King Gucci instills hope in youth

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – Young media socialite, motivational speaker, Mc, dancer, model and actor King Gucci official, real name Herman Malukolo (19) has an array of talents and wish so many talents surely he must be destined for stardom. 

King Gucci broke into the limelight with his comic video that he uploaded on his social media platforms titled Ekumbatha lyoportal, which he translated into English as The blanket of the portal. Being popular at a young age wasn’t easy for him having to conquer all the negative comments he got from people around the country, following his dance videos and vines that he uploaded on his social media platforms, mostly on the Instagram social page.

“Many people were criticising me saying that I am not funny enough and I am not a good dancer in comparison with other Namibian dancers. People actually thought I was hungry for fame but I didn’t let them distract my dream of having a good impact in the industry and also in the lives of fellow young Namibians,” King Gucci official says, adding that his nickname is inspired by the famous Gucci brand because of its uniqueness and its quality, so he pictures himself in that image because he believes that he is unique. 

King Gucci official is more than just a young entertainer, he gives motivational speeches mostly at youth events and confirms that he gets a lot of messages from young Namibians, telling him of how inspiring he is. He adds that in most of his speeches, he advises the youth not to lose themselves because social media makes them think they are not good enough. At a recent youth event at the Katutura Youth Centre, King Gucci said:  “Social media is just there to filter you and sell you fake dreams. Whatever you do, do it for you and do not feel that other people are better than you, just because of pictures they upload on social media, otherwise you will end up being a second version of somebody else.” 

King Gucci says when he started making more comic videos, he got the recognition from Namibian celebrities such as Meriam Kaxuxwena, Sunny Boy and he is featured in one of the greatest music videos in Namibia so far Chelete by Gazza.
Currently he has over 50 000 followers on YouTube and Facebook as well as Instagram, which has 23 000 followers and the number is growing. “There’s nothing that makes me happy than making people laugh and my message to the youth is that, use social media to connect people and not separate them. Say no to cyberbullying. We should paint a good picture of our country on social media by uplifting each other and not fight each other. 

We shouldn’t focus more on social media, but we should rather live more in reality because social media is mostly just for entertainment and it can end anytime soon but reality is forever,” inspires he. 
King Gucci concludes with a quote: “Where entertainment ends, reality begins.” 

2019-03-27  Staff Report 2

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