• September 20th, 2020

Lion scare in Kavango East

RUNDU - Officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) are investigating reports that there are lion tracks traced in the areas of Ncaute and Naingopo where there are communal farms under the Shambyu and partly Mbunza traditional jurisdictions.

Farmers and villagers in these areas are scared these big cats might feast of their livestock or even attack people, some farmers in this areas spotted spoor of three lions and started to spread the news with neighbours for safety and this has also caused a widespread panic.

“Yes it was reported by the community to us and our officials at Ncaute have been attending to it as from Friday, at the side of Naingopo they only saw tracks of 3 cheetahs but south of Ncaute they found tracks of a lion, but as for now our officials are still in the field investigating this reports, but no fresh tracks are being spotted,” said MET’s deputy director for the north-east regions, Apollinaris Kanyinga.

He said there are no reports as yet of lions attacking any livestock or people in the above- mentioned areas. Last month some lions terrorised three farms still in Kavango East but in the Gciriku traditional jurisdiction were they also attacked and killed 3 cows and wounded one cow at four (4) farms.

“With the recent report we are not hearing any attacks on livestock and we cannot confirm anything at the moment because our officials are still investigating and trying to locate these reported dangerous wild animals,” Kanyinga said.

Farmers are warned not to track down lions because tracking a lion may endanger their lives as these animals are extremely dangerous and deadly.

John Muyamba
2019-08-07 06:54:53 | 1 years ago

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