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Liswani: Policies should impact lives of women

2022-02-21  Loide Jason

Liswani: Policies should impact lives of women
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Katrina Liswani believes the advancement of women should not be seen as undermining or being done at the expense of men. 

The 68-year-old, who eyes the position of Swapo Party Women’s Council (SPWC) secretary, said she will drive policy directives that will have an impact on the lives of women, including girls, to be part of the national agenda.

Liswani was born in 1954 at the Okalumbu village in Onyaanya constituency of the Oshikoto region. The mother of two sons and two daughters says she is a tested and educated cadre, who understands the socio-economic situation of women at all levels, including those with disabilities.

“We need a leader with zeal and capacity to drive policy directives that have long-term impacts on the lives of our women, including girls, to find their space in society and being part of the national agenda. I possess all that, and that makes me the right candidate for this position. I love our country, I love our party and will work hard to unite our people, and continue to make SPWC relevant and a force to be reckoned with,” she enthused.   

She has worked in the labour sphere in Namibia’s civil service, the African Union Commission as well as the International Labour Organisation.  

Liswani holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and several diplomas in various fields such as political, financial management, labour administration, strategic management, personnel management, employment, leadership, child labour and gender training.

“I am a founder member of the Namibia Poverty Alleviation Foundation, a foundation that was created with the sole aim of alleviating poverty and addressing socio-economic challenges faced by women and children, particularly those living with disabilities. I am a freedom fighter as I participated in the liberation struggle of our country. I left Namibia in 1974, together with my comrades to join our brothers and sisters in exile, fighting to liberate our country from the South African apartheid regime. I was repatriated in 1989 to come and take part in the first democratic elections, in which our mighty Swapo party emerged victoriously,” she said.

Liswani was not only part of the crop that liberated the country, but served in various positions of influence because of her qualifications, experience and patriotism.  

“But all in all, I am proud that I have been part of the team responsible for labour matters, focusing on the bread-and-butter issues of our people. I have been part of the agenda to change the socio-economic status of our people, and I am proud that the development of policies that I have been part of were able to improve the living standards of our people,” she observed.  

She said the country must continue to do more in striking the balance in efforts to uphold gender equality. 

“The advancement of women should not be seen as undermining the opposite gender, nor should it be done at the expense of men. Women must not be undermined, but should be given opportunities and platforms to exercise their abilities. It is a topic that the nation should continue discussing,” the politician urged. 

She added that there must be coordination among all stakeholders involved in fighting gender-based violence and determine its root causes as it is of paramount importance.

2022-02-21  Loide Jason

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