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Local artist-turned-activist

2020-09-18  Strauss Lunyangwe

Local artist-turned-activist
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Daniel Matengu known as Coolstyle in the music circle is standing as an independent candidate for the upcoming regional and local authorities elections in November this year.
The artist turned activist is vying for the Katima Mulilo constituency joined the Affirmative Reposition Movement (AR) in 2014. He only started becoming more interested in politics last year when they were campaigning and mobilising for Dr Panduleni Itula. “I formed the Zambezi branch of the AR movement under the guidance of Dr Job Amupanda and the whole AR leadership in Windhoek and Walvis Bay. I have been a victim of the current system all my life and many more others are suffering the same wounds in their lives. Someone with a genuine heart has to stand up and join the system then change it from within for the sake of our people,’’ he explained to Entertainment Now!

He told this reporter that his music career is still ongoing but more as a social activist spreading positive messages of peace, love, harmony and hard work. ‘’In some songs, I’m spreading the word of God as gospel music, I am still busy making albums and music videos.  I released three complete albums so far, the rest I released earlier in my music career was just promotional CDs.  
Being a teacher by profession in Windhoek, he is busy studying to become a lawyer so that he can defend the poor and all vulnerable members of our society from oppression through the legal system. 

 He further mentioned that AR has taken over the Zambezi region when it comes to members, supporters and sympathisers. ‘’I am contesting for the office of councillor of the Katima Mulilo urban constituency but as an independent candidate and not under AR. I am an independent candidate with the back up of AR and all other independent voters and members of all other political parties who believes I am the solution for our town as in right now,’’ he added.
Coolstyle believes that the leadership in the Zambezi region has failed because they had no ideas on how to serve best and that they are just there for salaries and enriching themselves. Once elected he promised to turn Katima Mulilo into a very powerful commercial centre joining Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola at one single point for trade amongst other things.

Coolstyle... Standing as an independent candidate for the upcoming regional and local elections in Katima Mulilo.
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2020-09-18  Strauss Lunyangwe

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