• July 2nd, 2020

Luderitz retains its six junior councillors

LÜDERITZ - Six learners from two schools in Lüderitz, three boys and three girls, have retained their positions as junior councillors for 2019.

The junior council has been reduced from eight to six councillors after two others completed their senior secondary education and proceeded to tertiary education. 

The junior councillors were sworn in by Lüderitz local authority councillor Shipola Shihepo. Five learners are currently in Grade 12 at Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School, while one is in Grade 11 at Lüderitz Christian School. 
Last week Thursday, the junior councillors elected Reime Cloete as new junior mayor and Josea Safihuna as deputy mayor. Nakwila Ipinge is new town clerk, while Nelson Kandjimbi is public relations officer. Additional council members are Nombulelo  Links and Enge Smith.

In her acceptance speech, new junior mayor Reime Cloete said he appreciates the opportunity to be ambassador for the youth of Lüderitz and to act in their best interest. “I humbly accept the calling with open arms … I take this responsibility very seriously and I commit to serving the youth and the community of Lüderitz to the best of my ability with devotion and eagerness,” he said.

Shihepo commends the town council for the concerted efforts for re-inauguration of the junior councillors, who will not only serve as a voice for the youth, but similarly contribute to the overall growth of the town through constructive advice and input.
She emphasises the duties and expectations of the junior councillors as it being their primary focus to be a mouthpiece for the youth of Lüderitz and to act in their interest in order to afford the youth the opportunity of contributing to the working community, and to empower the youth to contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the local community. Shihepo stated that the junior council was re-inaugurated because of their commitment and hard work, and the council made a decision not to elect any new members as the junior council have proven themselves to be capable for these positions.

Tuulikki Abraham
2019-04-16 09:52:47 | 1 years ago

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