• June 6th, 2020

Maltas Rainbow Makers Project conducts coaching lessons in Tsumkwe

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The Maltas Rainbow Makers Project recently conducted coaching classes for pupils at Tsumkwe Secondary School. 

The theme of this year’s outreach was called ‘Rainmakers’, through which the Maltas members wished to inspire and bring out the learners’ soft skills and talent, not only in terms of the academic curricula but also support the learners socially and emotionally, which practice is limited in Namibian schools.

According to the founder of Maltas, Dr Wilfred Isak April, the visit was special. “Most of the current Grade12s were coached through the Maltas programme two years ago when they were in Grade 10 and they have shown a big improvement in terms of reading, speaking and listening skills since then, ” April said. 

Important goals that were addressed included encouraging the learners that they can achieve anything beyond their wildest dreams, to ensure they are confident with the curriculum to make a success of the examinations and finally enter the job market and university with self-confidence, and plough back to their community. 

Students were also coached in history, English and entrepreneurship by Karu Ndjarakana, a student at the International University of Management (IUM), Ndina Kapuka, a graduatefrom IUM who taught geography, while Allan Rocha taught mathematics.

The pupils were allowed to share their personal life stories and future goals and plans after school together with their aspirations for Tsumkwe. Some wanted a playground for the kids, while others wanted better basic services. 

The entire team does not doubt that the programme will act as a springboard for many more success stories to come from Tsumkwe in the years to come.  
April feels positive the current crop of learners will soar, and next year they will work with the learners to ensure their grades are improved. 

This excursion gave the team a really clear picture of what the lives of the learners and community look like and how they comprehend the academic content taught in the classroom. 

Since 2013 Maltas Club Namibia has been involved in preparing Tsumkwe’s Grade 10 and 12 learners for their final examinations. The club returned to the Tsumkwe Secondary School for their annual visit in partnership with First National Bank, Tucsin and Dinapama Manufacturing & Supplies.

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