• June 5th, 2020

Matongo Family launches reality TV show

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - After having officially reunited and revamped, Matongo Family, which comprises of Themba Matongo (Thembizo), Strauss Lunyangwe (Mr Makoya) and Arthur Nanub (Damara Dik Ding) have decided to tell their stories differently.

 Apart from music, this time around, the Tura trio decided to entertain and educate through a reality TV show dubbed Family Affairs.

“A new dawn is upon us as we keep true to the culture and uplift the music industry to greater heights.”
‘’This is just a testament that wherever you come from, that should not deter you from dreaming of someday achieving what you put your heart and mind to. With my brothers here, we just proved dreams do come true even for young men from Wanaheda that started 21 years ago,” said Dik Ding at the launch of the show at TribeFire Studios in the capital.

He said they are giving the whole of Namibia a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes. “We want to show the viewers what happens when artists put their pens on paper and create unique music without forgetting that at the end of the day, they are only humans and amongst that, they deal with the same struggles and pressures just like any other normal person,” he said

The trio who has been in the music industry for more than two decades gave a glimpse of what to expect in their series and what Entertainment Now! can say is worth gluing your eyes to the screen. This is real-life drama of the different families of the trio coming together to tell a Namibian story.

Executive producer of Family Affairs and Co-owner of TS Media Productions Noorjehan Lunyangwe said the desire to own a production company has always been lingering. “We conceived a dream of one day starting and owning our very own media production house and decided to do whatever it takes to carry this dream to term,” she reminisced.

Noorjehan, who is Mr Makoya’s wife said their first project was Jericho’s music video titled ‘I am still here’, which has raked in more than 100 000 views on YouTube. “We have also evolved from not just doing music videos, but corporate videos, TV ads and not forgetting our first ever 13 part reality show,” said the overzealous Noorjehan.

She thanked the sponsors, One Africa Television, ABinBev for spotting passion. “They made this possible and this will bring Namibia’s first 100 percent Namibian made, Namibian owned, all about Namibian artists to Namibian television.”
Family Affairs will premiere on One Africa TV on 24 November 2019, channel 284, GO TV 90 and TV2Africa.

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