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Max: Namibian music still has chance to grow

2022-03-25  Strauss Lunyangwe

Max: Namibian music still has chance to grow

For as long as Namibians do not set the agenda to promote local arts in the country after 32 years of independence, Namibian music will have little influence in the international market.

These are the sentiments shared by Eino John Max, the CEO of the Namibian Society of Composer and Authors of Music (Nascam) when asked to share his views on the local music landscape, 32 years on. 

He told VIBEZ! we have to admit that we have the best music in Namibia for the world market. 

“However, it has not been given a chance to grow at home and exported with aggressive marketing strategies that were supposed to be spearheaded by the recording industry of Namibia or the cultural and creative industries of Namibia,” explained Max.

He agrees that Namibia still has a tremendous chance to grow in the music business, and hopes that one day the world will appreciate what Namibian songwriters can offer.  

 “We still maintain the outside influences in almost everything we are consuming and applying, which will not incentivise the creative industry. 

There should be an aggressive incentive system that encourages creativity for the fourth industrial revolution in which individual creators should be noted and supported. 

“There are many opportunities that can be utilised to create jobs and keep everyone busy. 

To make that more effective, there should, however, be concerted and directed coordination amongst the whole governing system.”

 Max maintains that after 32 years, government has, to a greater degree, provided a conducive environment where every artist can create freely, perform and market his or her talents. 

“The most concerted action that our government needs to enforce and promote as national pride is to motivate the usage of ‘Made in Namibia’, which includes local content and local products that will be identifying us that we are Namibians.”

Moving forward, Max feels the country is already in the right position and at par with other African countries. 

“We just need to respect what we have and continue to build on what already exists. 

The Namibian independence should steer us and abound to continue being the foundation of our progress as a developing country. 

Therefore, we need to hold hands and move ahead to fulfil the vision we set forward for all of us as Namibians,” he said.


2022-03-25  Strauss Lunyangwe

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