• July 14th, 2020

Mines ministry and NBC sign broadcasting agreement

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on Wednesday entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for production and broadcasting services. The agreement, signed at a ceremony held at the MME, provides the ministry with a platform to make use of NBC’s services on all its platforms to promote the ministry’s operations and to market its strategic plan.

During the signing ceremony, executive director at the ministry of mines Simeon Negumbo emphasised the importance for the public to know what the ministry does and the benefits the ministry can offer them, especially regarding the issuing of licences, the rural electrification programme and other important projects of the Ministry. 

“It is our responsibility, as a ministry, to educate the nation about our operations and the importance of the mining and energy sector,” noted Negumbo.

Director General of NBC Stanely Similo reiterated the importance of informing the public on the activities of State-Owned Enterprises. 

“In my view, we have quite a huge sort of base which people can reach through us on a daily basis. As you know, as an entity, we are going through quite challenging times but agreements and Memoranda of Understandings of this nature do lessen the element of us struggling to get to things but for us to deliver as we always do,” said Similo.

NBC reaches on average 1.6 million people on its platforms such as radio, TV and online. Through that exposure, MME will greatly benefit as well.
As per the agreement, NBC is expected to produce and broadcast documentaries, infomercials and advertisements for the ministry in all 14 regions for three years, effective April 2020.

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2020-03-09 07:26:33 | 4 months ago

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