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Mouton: Creating young Picassos

2024-02-07  Correspondent

Mouton: Creating young Picassos

Jaenique Swartz


Art is a powerful means of self-expression and creativity, and every child deserves the opportunity to explore their artistic abilities. 

Unfortunately, not all children have access to art due to various barriers such as limited resources, time constraints, or lack of encouragement.

At the forefront of providing young minds in Windhoek’s Katutura the freedom to immerse themselves in the world of art is Bright Places Namibia, founded by Candice Mouton.

”Bright Places came to be after a conversation regarding the accessibility of art classes for everyone. The project aims to foster an environment where anyone, regardless of socioeconomic standing, is welcome to pick up a paintbrush and dream,” said Mouton.

Despite being a relatively young project, Mouton expressed that the journey of Bright Places has been delightful, and they have not encountered significant challenges so far.

Bright Places plays a crucial role in unleashing the creativity and imagination of the young participants by providing them with the necessary tools and resources. 

The Bernard Nordkamp Centre (BNC) currently supplies most of the materials needed, supported by a generous donation from Start Art Gallery, a contemporary art gallery based in Windhoek.

Mouton said the most rewarding aspect of this initiative is observing the children’s growth through their artistic creations. Witnessing them gain confidence in themselves as they progress through the artistic process is particularly gratifying. 

“Being able to witness the kids be super excited for art class and then see them sit down, waving their paintbrushes against their canvases and talking to their peers about their work; all focused little artists creating something special,” she said.

The overarching goal of Bright Places is to inspire the next generation of Namibian artists and creatives. 

Mouton hopes that the environment created by Bright Places encourages children to dream and believe in their creative abilities.

As young learners indulge in creating art pieces and contribute to murals, Bright Places continues to be a beacon of creativity, fostering a space where artistic expression knows no bounds.

“We hope that the act of creating will inspire the next generation of Namibian artists and creatives. We hope that the environment that Bright Places creates dares children to dream and believe they can,” she said.  

2024-02-07  Correspondent

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