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MTC brings hope to art industry

2020-07-03  Paheja Siririka

MTC brings hope to art industry
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MTC generously announced an investment figure totalling N$13. 2 million to be ploughed into the entertainment industry, comprising the Windhoek Fashion Week (N$3.6 million) and the 081Every1 Music Fest (N$9.6 million) for the next three years.
 The Windhoek Fashion Week will now be known as the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week and the money will be used to assist in planning and executing the event, as well as taking fashion in Namibia to a new level.
 Luis Munana, one of the founders and directors of the now MTC Windhoek Fashion Week, said getting this boost from the telecommunications company means they are now able to do more because the process of organising such a show has always been a challenge. 

Munana said: “You want to accommodate so many designers and industry people but you can’t due to limited resources, so the boost will allow more in terms of the event itself and thereafter as well. The aim is to have a formidable fashion store in Namibia that houses local designers with mini collaborations here and there but the end goal is local wear for Namibians and we would like to see this store starting in the capital and eventually spreading through the whole country.”

“Fashion Week is an expensive venture; models have to be paid and other service providers need to be catered. We used to do this out of our own pockets. Some of the things we will be doing with this new investment are increase model fees and hopefully do that every year. As for the designers and other stakeholders who have to pay to showcase their work, that won’t be necessary. They will not be expected to pay that administration fee, as we will be able to afford that. Things have been made easier,” stated Munana.
He said another important drive that has been the end goal and reason for taking the fashion industry by storm is to be the enablers of exporting locally-made clothes to the other Africa countries.

The three-days show, currently in its fifth year and hosted in November, tie media, models, fashion designers from across the continent and runway show that feature fashion talks and networking.
“We are impressed with how the fashion industry has taken off in Namibia. It has always been present at the NAMAs. This is, however, a struggling industry with massive potential for growth; that’s why we are investing N$1.2 million per annum,” said Tim Ekandjo, MTC’s chief human capital and corporate affairs officer.

 Another aspect of the industry that will get boosting is the 081Music Fest, which will, for the next three years, receive N$9.6 million, with MTC declaring its love for music despite bringing the Namibian Annual Music Awards to an end after 10 years of making timeless memories.
 Ekandjo said reputation, potential, popularity, governance structures, attendance, media interest, national interest and brand return on investment, diversity and potential to deliver best results are some of the factors that were taken into consideration to select the beneficiaries.
 “MTC has successfully negotiated naming rights to all these events and looks forward to working with these event organisers for the next three years. The sponsorship will be effective from 1st October 2020,” said Ekandjo.

 He said: “We know that Namibians love music; it unites people and takes them to imaginable places. The 081Every1 Music Fest attracted more than 17 000 spectators at the Sam Nujoma Stadium last year – and for next three years, we will give you more through this festival, which will see local artists sharing the stage with continental and international acts.”
 Ekandjo also stated that they have selected these beneficiaries based on the value they provide. “We do not go into sponsorships just to give others a chance; you need to deserve the chance by providing us with a professional value-driven proposal that reflects you as a sustainable and sound brand that we can partner with,” he clarified.
 Ekandjo said: “We want to give Namibians hope; hope that things will get better and hope that their dreams are not dashed.”

2020-07-03  Paheja Siririka

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