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MTC rubbishes employee’s claims

2021-04-14  Otniel Hembapu

MTC rubbishes employee’s claims

MTC management yesterday moved swiftly to rubbish allegations of corruption, discrimination and victimisation levelled against it by one of the company’s employees, who claimed to be fearing for his life and job as a result of the alleged abuse.  

In a letter 320-page letter dated 31 March 2021, a disgruntled Joseph Nakalemo, who is the network management and technical quality administrator at MTC, levelled a raft of allegations against the executive management of the company, claiming that members of the company’s executive are working in cahoots to cover up corruption and have since also teamed up to get rid of him. 

Nakalemo, who is currently under suspension for breaching an assortment of company policies, went on to claim that certain members of MTC’s management are after his life and have made it their personal mission to ensure they get rid of him. 

He also alleges that management works hand in glove to cover up for each whenever they benefit from tenders and other company-related activities. 

However, the company strongly rubbished Nakalemo’s allegations, labelling them baseless and outright false. Both investigations concluded that the allegations are false and baseless. 

MTC executive Tim Ekandjo explained that the company went to great lengths to institute internal and external investigations into the allegations but both processes could not substantiate Nakalemo’s claims. 

“MTC is aware of a WhatsApp narrative circulating of allegations of corruption made by one of its ambassadors. 

We are well aware of the allegations made by the employee and our Board is fully appraised on the matter. The concerned employee raised allegations of corruption with MTC’s management,” said Ekandjo. 

“The allegations were internally investigated by our audit department and an extensive external investigation was also done by our external hotline company. Both investigations concluded that the allegations are false and baseless. 

The employee, however, continued with his allegations despite having been presented with the outcome of the two investigations. 

The employee is currently on suspension facing various charges which we are not at liberty to discuss as we would like to respect our internal disciplinary processes. 

We would like to assure the public and our customers that MTC remains the barometer for good corporate governance and that the conduct of the employee in question is rather unfortunate.”


2021-04-14  Otniel Hembapu

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