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MTC Teen Inspirational Summit empowers Namibian youth

2024-04-03  Pricilla Mukokobi

MTC Teen Inspirational Summit empowers Namibian youth

Junior mayor of the City of Windhoek Sylvia Shapumba has applauded MTC for their commitment to hosting the MTC Teen Inspirational Summit. 

The summit, held on Saturday at the International University of Management (IUM) in Windhoek, aimed at empowering and showcasing the talents of Namibian youth. 

The event provided a platform for teenagers to express themselves creatively and gain valuable insights into various aspects of personal and professional development.

Shapumba encouraged her fellow teens to collaborate and grow, as tomorrow belongs to them, saying, “If tomorrow belongs to us, we need to build and lay a foundation, and as this summit is taking place, be that foundation”. 

“This is where you have to make some of your dreams come true because this is a big platform,” she reiterated.

The summit boasted various activities catering to local young talent, including appearances by the dancing Ghetto Kids group from Uganda. 

Attendees enjoyed a diverse array of attractions, including jumping castles and a softball park in the Play Park section, educational sessions on robotics and Edugames in the Educational Park, as well as engaging games like chess, 30 seconds and Monopoly.

Additionally, the Art Park offered opportunities for creative expression through activities such as face painting, canvas painting and crafting logo toys. 

Interactive elements, such as balloon clown performances, balloon popping games and small prize competitions, provided further entertainment for participants.

She further encouraged the youth to set meaningful goals and dream big, saying “Dreams without goals are merely dreams. Many youths can do so much, and Namibians have talent. Parents and leaders are proud of the youth of today.”

The event showcased the talents of many local performers, including Trompopies, Kelvin the violinist, Shanisha, Billy, Ms Gideon, Nia, Sesfikile, Chrismas Mutota, Jayd, Tangeni the magician, Banger drums, Lilly’s motivational talk, Samuel the rapper, Miss Teen 2023 Oriana Ribeiro, Rayne Sadler, Azmo and Pretty G.

There was also a performance by the Ghetto Kids, who captivated the audience with their dance routine to the beats of Namibian artist Spuzza’s song ‘Barcadi’.

Gianni Fernandes, known as DJ Escondido, stated that it was a great privilege and an honour for him to be chosen to be part of the incredible show. 

He described it as a remarkable experience to perform at the MTC Teen Inspirational Summit and witness the joy on people’s
faces, thanks to the highly motivated, friendly, and helpful staff of MTC.

“What I learned from this event is that family is important to build a solid foundation and ‘you must disconnect to connect’ with your roots,” he said.

Fernandes believes that everything one does should glorify God, adding “He should be the one guiding you as you follow your dreams and use your talents”.

“This was my first performance in Windhoek, and I had a great experience meeting fellow artists and seeing all types of highly talented young up-and-coming artists. Wow, what a great future for Namibia,” he said.

MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo said the initiative was made to bring inspirational children around the continent, where they can create a platform for inspiration and positive change.

“We have so many inspirational children in Namibia, and that’s what this platform is all about. Inspiring each other,” he said.

Ekandjo added that it is important to invite children who speak the same language so they can inspire and learn from each other. That is why MTC is very happy to create such platforms – not just this year but for many more years to come.

He added: “The Ghetto Kids have done so many inspirational things around the world, and they have inspirational stories as individuals even though they are a group”.

The Ghetto Kids’ manager Kavuma Dauda said they were excited to be in Namibia. The group is an NGO that uses arts, music and drama to improve the lives of children from the streets, starting with orphans and those whose parents cannot afford their living standards.

“We use this art to provide school fees, health care, shelter, food and other necessities a child would need. We have 37 children under our care, and we are happy that most of these children are growing into teens. We thank the organisers for inviting us,” he said.

He further said that Windhoek is a clean, beautiful city that has many attraction sites in Windhoek. -

2024-04-03  Pricilla Mukokobi

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