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Murder accused awaits psychiatric assessment

2019-02-19  Selma Ikela

Murder accused awaits psychiatric assessment

WINDHOEK - The 14-year-old teenage boy, who allegedly murdered and raped a 57-year-old woman at Bahnhof settlement last year, is yet to go for mental observation. 

The accused, whose name cannot be mentioned on ethical grounds because he is a minor, also faces an additional charge of arson. 

He reportedly amputated the foot of the victim, Sarah Jagger (57) and dumped it along the road between Bahnhof and Dordabis, which is five kilometres from Farm Aoxas, where the deceased stayed.

The teenager is accused of the murder of Jagger by hitting her with a stone on her forehead in the vicinity of Bahnhof station in September last year.  Prior to the incident, Jagger had left home the Monday at Farm Aoxas to visit Bahnhof but she never returned.  

The accused returned to Rehoboth Magistrates’ Court last week after it was agreed on 14 January that he should go for mental observation. This was after his legal representative consulted the teenager’s family and social worker, as to whether the accused was in a position to follow court proceedings.

At the time, his legal representative Christopher Stanley Stanley stated that they also needed clarity on the mental comprehension of the accused. “…and I will be indebted to the Sate through the investigation officer can speed up the inception of the accused the mental hospital,” said Christopher at the time.

The accused returned to court last Thursday and the court was informed there are no beds available yet but the superintendent is aware, stated a certain Esau who represented him legally.

Thus, the matter was postponed to March 18. The accused is kept at a place of safety.
The teenager has been appearing in camera in the presence of his relative. In camera means, the public and the press are excluded from observing the court proceedings.

2019-02-19  Selma Ikela

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