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Mushelenga commends Namibia for press freedom award

2023-10-30  Correspondent

Mushelenga commends Namibia for press freedom award

Information and Communication Technology Minister Peya Mushelenga last week commended Namibia for winning the African Champion of Press Freedom award, saying it confirms the government’s commitment to freedom of expression and the press.

 Namibia was named the African Champion of Press Freedom during the 10th International Festival of Freedom of Expression and the Press held in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou last week.

 Mushelenga said in the National Assembly that the award underscores the country’s dedication to the ethos of freedom of expression and that of the press, which the government has guaranteed over the past years.

 “Namibia’s steadfast support for open communication and a free press has not only strengthened our nation’s democracy, but also positioned it as a model for many countries in Africa and beyond. Namibia recognises the media as an essential component of democracy, ensuring that Namibia remains a beacon of media freedom in Africa,” said the minister, who also reiterated the country’s subscription to media self-regulation.

 Mushelenga explained, “Although self-regulation is typically less robust and formalised than external regulation, it is still a significant part of the regulation process. It is left up to the media to voluntarily establish and abide by goals, guidelines, and ethical principles.”

 In a time where media freedom is increasingly under threat globally, Mushelenga said Namibia’s exemplary leadership is a beacon of hope for those who believe in the fundamental importance of free and responsible media in society.

 “The government of Namibia reaffirms its pledge to protect media freedom as enshrined in the Constitution. It renews its commitment to fostering a positive and enabling environment for freedom of expression and access to information,” he said. - Nampa

2023-10-30  Correspondent

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