• July 9th, 2020

N$180 million wind farm commissioned at Lüderitz

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Business & Finance

Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz – A 5 megawatt Ombepo Wind Farm, constructed at a massive N$180 million and in which the Lüderitz Town Council is a minority shareholder, was recently commissioned at the south coast town. Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo commissioned the plant and heaped praise on the Lüderitz Town Council and InnoSun InnoSun Energy Holding for a partnership that is expected to help the country turn around its energy supply firtunes. Ombepo was successfully competed as scheduled and the three massive turbines started producing power in Lüderitz on 20 August 2017. The three turbines, which are perfectly lined at a safe distance apart, each have three gigantic blades and single generators. The turbines will stand at the site for the entire duration of the 25-year power purchase agreement with NamPower. Alweendo said that the country needs about 70 percent of renewable energy in its Vision 2030. He further stated that it would be a great advantage if countries started to generate electricity water and wind. The minister said his office welcomes plans or ideas of renewable energy. Lüderitz mayor Hilaria Mukapuli declared her profound appreciation to InnoSun for developing, financing and constructing this significant wind farm. “I am also pleased to announce that InnoSun Energy Holding as a partner was instrumental in investing in this very first five megawatt wind farm in Namibia. Lüderitz is known as the town were the first diamond was found by Zacharia Lewala in 1908, the first European explorer (Bartolommeo Diaz) landed here and erected the first cross at Diaz Point. Also, the first bank (Standard Bank) was establish here more than 100 years ago, just to mention a few”, Mukapuli stated. Mukapuli said the collaboration between Lüderitz Town Council and Innosun birthed a special purpose vehicle called Ombepo Energy (Pty) Ltd. The InnoSun Energy Holding brought their experience, expertise and funds to implement the wind farm and the town of Lüderitz provided the land. “We, the Lüderitz Town Council, in joining this partnership have taken cognition of the current ecological state of our planet, especially taking into account the harm caused to the environment or depletion of our natural resource, when using other source of energy. Through this partnership, we have in essence played our part in lessening pollution and by creating jobs,” said Mukapuli. Wind and solar energy should be considered as the long-term energy sources in Namibia, as wind energy is very competitive when compared to some other energy sources because it’s pollution-free and can also increase energy diversity and improve the security of energy supply in Namibia, said Mukapuli. Ombepo energy project has already started to produce electricity since 2017 and also has a power purchase agreement with Nampower. “With our intention to diversify our revenue base, the Lüderitz Town Council entered the joint business venture by providing land, in exchange for five percent in Ombepo Energy. It is our conviction that the community of Lüderitz will benefit from the capital to be generated from [the shareholding] in terms of funding for future developmental or capital projects,” the mayor added. Presently, Namibia imports almost 60 percent of annual electricity requirements to meet the local energy demand. Nampower board chairperson Kauna Ndilula said sustainable generation capacity in line with the National Integrated Resource Plan (NIRP) was the utility’s aim and pre-occupation. “This will reduce energy imports while at the same time creating vital local economic development opportunities.” Said Ndilula. Eighteen power purchase agreements, translation into the supply of 171 MW of renewable energy, have been signed with independent power producers (IPPs). Together, the 18 IPPs will invest a combined amount of approximately N$4.2 billion in the local electricity supply sector, and ultimately the Namibian economy in the next 24 months, said Ndilula.
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