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N$586 000 in cash stolen from businessman

2019-07-24  Obrien Simasiku

N$586 000 in cash stolen from businessman

OMUTHIYA - An act of betrayal by a ‘friend’ left a huge dent in the seemingly deep pockets of 27-year-old Oshikoto businessman Lazarus Shikalepo, as N$586 667 in cash was snatched from his vehicle while he was fast asleep in a guesthouse.

According to Oshikoto’s regional crime investigation coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Naomi Katjiua, the incident happened in the wee hours of Monday at Ideal Guesthouse in Omuthiya, where Shikalepo had overnighted from Oshikango en-route to Windhoek.  

It is alleged Shikalepo had travelled from Windhoek to Oshikango on Friday with his suspect friend, Simon Angula, 50, to collect money from his debtors. 

Katjiua said the complainant had left the money in a black plastic bag in the car, but in the morning found two windows of the vehicle broken and the bag stashed with cash missing. 

“The complainant received N$395 000 at Oshikango and N$196 667 at Ongha village. He then drove and booked in at Ideal Guesthouse in Omuthiya on Sunday and planned to drive to Windhoek on Monday morning. It however came to light during interrogations that Angula tipped off his friend who came during the night, broke into the vehicle and stole the money,” added Katjiua, saying the money has not yet been recovered.

The police are still searching for the accomplice and the investigation continues. 
In unrelated incident, the police registered a murder case on Thursday, following the death of 49-year-old Friedrik Andreas. It is alleged the deceased was hit with a stone on the head by a 29-year-old suspect, David Johannes, following a short argument. 

According to Katjiua, the victim was rushed to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital and succumbed to the injuries the same day. The incident happened at Oshandumbala location, Onayena. 

The police also opened an inquest into the death of a toddler who succumbed to injuries after she was burned by hot water and ash to her abdomen. “She was burned by hot ash and water while seated around the fire with siblings when a boiling pot fell on her. She was rushed to Onandjokwe State Hospital and succumbed to injuries the same day,” stated Katjiua. 

2019-07-24  Obrien Simasiku

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